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10 Best Skate Shoes (Men’s and Women’s)

Best Skate Shoes

Anyone who skateboards will tell you the importance of a good pair of skate shoes. In fact, they are held in as high regard as your deck, trucks, and wheels. It’s not uncommon to roll down to the park with a new pair of shoes and hear your fellow skaters comment on your ‘new pair of kicks.’ They’re a fundamental part of your setup. And one thing’s for sure – you’re going to put those puppies through their paces. So that begs the question – what shoes do you buy? What are the best skate shoes? Do you go with Vans or Nike? What pair will give you the most longevity without sacrificing style and affordability?

Well, don’t fret, we’re here to present the 10 best skate shoes on the market today for both men and women.

Product FAQ

For those of you who are just getting into the art that is skateboarding, you may very well be feeling a little overwhelmed about the whole thing. We’ve put together some frequently asked questions just for you.


1. What Are Skate Shoes, and How Do They Differ from Regular Sneakers?

Skate shoes are generally manufactured by skateboard-affiliated companies with the specific intention of being used by skateboarders, such as Emerica, Supra, and Straye. Other company’s shoes were inadvertently adopted by the skateboarding community – for example, Vans, and Converse. And of course, there are manufacturers out there that weren’t traditionally affiliated with the activity, but brought skater-specific lines out that took off – like Nike, and New Balance.

But simply put, and ignoring the fashion side of things, skate shoes are shoes that are made for skateboarding.

2. What's the Importance of a Good Skate Shoe?

When you skate–whether you’re just rolling down to the liquor store or sessioning a stair set, it’s your shoes that are moving against the upper side of your board. If you pick up a pair of cheap tennis shoes from Walmart, they’re going to be worn right through in no time. It’s hard for those who don’t skate to comprehend, but when you skate, your shoes take a battering like no other activity.

Also, your feet and ankles take a beating when you skate. That’s why you want a pair of one of the best skate shoes available. If the sole of your shoe is too thin, you’ll likely end up with the ball of your foot bruised. Especially when you start throwing yourself down drops and stair sets.

3. What Qualities Make the Best Skate Shoes?

The best way to determine what makes the best skate shoes is to try a pair on. First off, they should feel extremely comfortable. When you’re on your board, you’re going to want to feel as natural as possible, and also that you have a good degree of protection for your feet. To truly progress at the activity, you’re going to need to push yourself. You’re going to need to feel secure in the knowledge that your kicks are going to function as best they can in order to truly do that.

The shoe’s innersoles should feel cushioned and slightly springy. The better the innersole, the better your feet will feel. The sole should also possess a certain degree of flexibility. Rock back and forth on the ball of your foot and see how it feels. While some shoes take a while to wear in, it’s better to go with a shoe that is good to go right off the bat. You’re also going to want to press on the sole and see how soft it is. Too soft and it’s likely going to wear through in no time.

When it comes to laces, some skate shoes have better lace protection than others. It’s not a big deal. A lot of people don’t care if their laces snap and they have to replace them. It’s a pretty minor issue, and everything in skateboarding is transitory. If you’re just starting out and haven’t learned that already, you’ll find out soon enough. Decks snap, bearings pop, trucks wear down to the axle, and shoes… Well, shoes get completely destroyed.

It’s not a matter of what pair will last forever; it’s what pair will skate best for their relatively short lifespan and give you at least some semblance of value for money. And you have to like them, of course. There’s no point in wearing a pair of shoes you detest.


4. Where Can You Buy the Best Skate Shoes?

You can buy a good pair of skate shoes from your local skate shop. If you don’t have a local skate shop, there’s always online skate stores or Amazon. Don’t try to cheap out and go to a department store like Walmart. When it comes to skate gear, there’s no other option than the very best.

5. How Can I Make My Skate Shoes Last Longer?

There are a couple of small tricks and tips to get a little more life out of your skate shoes. The first is to keep the pressure as light as possible when you turn the ball of your sole on your board. The ball of the sole is an area that receives significant wear when skating.

The second trick is a little invention called "Shoe Goo." You can purchase it from your local skate shop. Shoe Goo is essentially a silicone-like substance that you can use to patch holes and reinforce certain areas on your shoes. It may look a little messy, but if you’re at the stage where you need it, your shoes are going to be pretty haggard, anyway.

How We Reviewed

We can up with this list of best skate shoes through a thorough testing process (we went out and skated all day). We also took years of skateboarding experience into account.

What We Reviewed

  • VANS Sk8-Hi Unisex High-Top Skate Shoes
  • Lakai Men's Griffin Skateboarding Shoes
  • NIKE Women's SB Bruin Hi Skate Shoes
  • adidas Men's Seeley Skate Shoes
  • DC Lilac Trase TX Women's Low-Top Shoes
  • Etnies Jameson 2 Eco Skate Shoes
  • DC Men's Court Graffik Skate Shoes
  • DC Women's Evan Hi Zero Se Skate Shoes
  • Vans Unisex Old Skool Classic Skate Shoes
  • Converse Star Player Ox Unisex Shoes

VANS Sk8-Hi Unisex High-Top Skate Shoes


Vans are an absolute classic and have been since 1966. The Sk8-Hi is a solid high-top skate shoe with a definite ‘80s vibe – especially when paired with tight skin-tight black jeans or brightly-colored shorts.

The Sk8-Hi features Van’s iconic waffle-grip rubber sole, padded high-top for ankle protection, and vulcanized construction.


  • Great ankle protection
  • Classic waffle-grip for flexibility
  • Timeless style



  • High-top can feel restricting for certain tricks
  • Can't slip them on or off quickly
  • Popularity has kept their price relatively high

Where to Buy



Vans have a pretty reasonable lifespan. Their soles take a good while to wear through, and the canvas used is of a high quality. We highly recommend them.

Lakai Men's Griffin Skateboarding Shoes


Lakai makes some high-end skate shoes, and the Griffin is one of them. Definitely one of the best skate shoes on the market, Lakais are flawlessly-constructed and long-lasting. The Griffin is made from genuine leather and textile, features a rubber sole, and has great board feel.


  • Durable.
  • Great board feel
  • Sharp looking



  • Not the cheapest skate shoe on the market
  • Takes a while to break in
  • Sizes can be a little off

Where to Buy



Lakai shoes are extremely durable. They may take a while to break in, but you’ll get a great life out of them.


NIKE Women's SB Bruin Hi Skate Shoes


There was a lot of dissension when Nike broke into the skateboard world a decade or so back. But, like it or not, the major corporation is here to stay. The Bruin feels like more of a fashion shoe than a skate shoe, but it definitely does its job.


  • Fashionable brand
  • Lightweight
  • Good ankle support



  • Kind of weird looking
  • Expensive
  • Lack of ollie-protection

Where to Buy



The Bruin isn’t the most durable shoe on our list of best skate shoes, but they will last for a reasonable length of time.

Adidas Men's Seeley Skate Shoes


ADIDAS was another large corporation that was met with dissension when breaking into the skateboarding community. However, they have remained relatively understated since then and managed to gain a good level of credibility. Their Seeley is an extremely well-designed skate shoe. They look smart, feature a vulcanized rubber sole, and they are lightly-padded around the ankle area.


  • Look sharp
  • Great board feel
  • Soles feature pivots on the ball



  • Not the cheapest shoe on the market
  • Can squeak on certain surfaces
  • Rub a little on the Achilles

Where to Buy



The ADIDAS Seeley is a well-designed and durable shoe. The pivot found on the sole lessens friction when turning your foot on the board, working with natural wear.


DC Lilac Trase TX Women's Low-Top Shoes


DC Shoe Co. has been around for a good while now, and while the quality of their shoes is somewhat disparate, they do bring out some killer models. Skateboarding has seen an increased interest from the fairer sex in recent years, and DC’s Trase is a great choice for women who are just getting into the activity. The shoe features a mesh inner—which is great for the heat that your feet generate while skating—and a sole design similar to Van’s waffle-grip.


  • Cute color
  • Mesh inner
  • Great price



  • Not much protection
  • Don't age well
  • Material gets holes relatively easily

Where to Buy



The Trase isn’t the most durable item on our list of best skate shoes. The canvas develops holes pretty fast, and they are pretty unforgiving.


Etnies Jameson 2 Eco Skate Shoes


Etnies is a company that has been around since the early ‘90s. They make shoes that are pretty classic in style and that skate well. They are generally a great price too. The Jameson 2 is an environmentally conscious skate shoe which is made partially from recycled materials. It’s a classic-style skate shoe.


  • Classic in style
  • Eco-friendly
  • Strong canvas upper



  • Sole has poor flexibility
  • Runs small in size
  • A little narrow

Where to Buy



The Jameson 2 is pretty darn durable. The sole is a little stiff at first but will last.


DC Men's Court Graffik Skate Shoes


Rather dated and definitely a little ugly, what the Court Graffik loses in aesthetics it makes up for in comfort and durability. Constructed from extremely well-padded leather and featuring breathing holes, the Court Graffik is a reliable skate shoe.


  • Well-made
  • Well-padded
  • Breathable



  • A little heavy
  • Ugly
  • Dated style

Where to Buy



The DC Court Graffik is extremely durable. You’ll be wearing these for a very decent amount of time. Whether that’s a good thing…


DC Women's Evan Hi Zero Se Skate Shoes


These shoes are badass. And they skate really well. DC has really outdone themselves here. The Evan Hi features a protected toe cap, are made from suede and provide ankle support while still being flexible. If you’re a young lady who’s looking for a pair of skate shoes, you won’t do much better than this model. They’re sexy (pink cheetah print!), stylish, and great for skateboarding.


  • Hella style
  • Actually designed with skateboarding in mind
  • Protective toe cap



  • Price can vary with size
  • Not fast to take on or off


Where to Buy



These shoes are very durable and have been designed with skateboarding in mind.


Vans Unisex Old Skool Classic Skate Shoes


An absolute classic. And they skate like a dream. They’re well-padded without being bulky, they look killer, and they're durable.


  • Classic style
  • Skate amazingly well
  • Well-made



  • Expensive due to being in vogue 

Where to Buy



Very durable shoe.


Converse Star Player Ox Unisex Shoes


Converse, like Vans, are absolute classics that have been around for a long, long time. The Converse Star Player Ox is like a cross between their One Star and Chuck Taylor shoes. And it’s made of leather. Not sold yet? They’re only $55–if that doesn’t get you out, we give up.


  • Genuine leather
  • Great price
  • Very stylish



  • Sole wears a little fast
  • Not the most well-padded shoe

Where to Buy



Cons generally get ollie holes pretty fast, but since these are made from leather, that problem isn’t a problem anymore.


The Verdict

We’re going to keep this simple. For guys: go with the Converse Star Player. We would have said Vans Old Skool, but they’re way too expensive right now. For the ladies: you won’t do much better than the DC Evan Hi Zero. We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the best skate shoes. Now go skate!

Zumiez Longboards: How To Choose One


When it comes to transportation, skateboarding isn't usually ones first choice. However, with Zumiez Longboards, traveling in style isn't a problem. Since 1978, Zumiez has catered to all types of skaters; their stores have hundreds of skateboards and longboards on display. When it comes to a skater-superstore, Zumiez is the place to go.

Many people don't know the difference between skateboards and longboards. While longboards can perform some basic tricks, they are way better than skateboards when it comes to transportation. Longboards can reach up to 80mph, making them an efficient way to travel in place of a skateboard. With something that can go so fast, durability is a big concern.


performing longboard trick using a zumiez longboard

Zumiez carries 15 different brands of longboards. Some of those brands include Arbor, DB, Dusters, Globe, Gold Coast, Landyachtz, Santa Cruiz, Sector 9, and Z-Flex. Their more popular brands are Dusters, Globe, and Landyachtz.

They also carry longboards from 32 inches all the way to 43 inches long. Zumiez Longboards come in every style and shape, with 99 different longboards to choose from online. When it comes to their complete longboards, they come already assembled in the box.

Longboard Styles

Zumiez longboards come in a variety of styles. Drop down longboards are popular because it brings you closer to the ground. This adjustment lowers your center of gravity and makes pushing off easier since you don't have to bend your knees as much to gain more speed. I, along with most customers, prefer the drop down longboards for casual skating.

Drop through boards have the trucks quite literally dropped through the board. The baseplate of the truck sits on top of the deck with the hanger "dropping through" the bottom. This design lowers the board closer to the ground for more stability and speed. However, carving and turning suffer from being so close to the ground.

Top mounted boards are another option. When a board is top mounted, the trucks are connected directly to the bottom of the longboard. This support gives the rider the ability to make sharper turns and a more aggressive skating style. However, due to being higher off the ground, the deck may suffer from stability issues like speed wobbling.

Man wearing black skateboard gear maneuvering his zumiez longboard on the road

Accessories and Brand Offers

When it comes to Zumiez longboards, most come ready to go right out of the box. However, some buyers may prefer to buy their longboards piece by piece. Luckily, Zumiez offers tons of different wheels, trucks, bearings, and more for a fully customized board. Specific brands come with their specially selected accessories that work the best for their designs.

Woman doing longboard trick using zumiez longboard

How We Reviewed

Usually, testing every product is impossible. However, I have personally tested a majority of these brands and types on longboards. Likewise, so have a ton of my close friends and community. For a better understanding of favorite decks, though, customer reviews will come in handy. The following list will be from the best-sellers list according to the Zumiez website.

When it comes to reviewing individual boards, some designs are custom made and difficult to find reviews for the specific model. Therefore, durability and riding reviews will be based on the deck itself and not the custom design exclusive to prebuilt Zumiez Longboards.


Landyachtz - Switch 35 Longboard Complete 2016, Eagle, 35"x9.5"

A Zumiez exclusive, this Landyachtz board yields a drop down design with a steep concave and maple construction. The deck comes with gunmetal Die grip tape to contrast the candy red of the board. The bottom drawing is a quarter view of a pastel multicolored stripy scull. Candy red as well, the 70 millimeters, 78A Hawgs wheels make speeding downhill a breeze.

Abec 7 Bear Space Balls Bearings allow for rolling smooth, straight, and fast. The bearings are perfectly balanced with Grizzly's 8.5-inch reverse mounted trucks for an all-around skating experience. Landyachtz Switch is best for cruising through streets and free-riding. This board is excellent for speed-demons and beginners alike.

This deck works great for smaller to medium build riders, with taller framers preferring the 40-inch options. Especially when it comes to those with a wide stance, this board may be too small. However, reviews on Amazon of a Switch deck variation praise the board for being very durable and smooth riding.



This Santa Cruiz rasta styled deck sports a drop through truck design. The board is an 8-ply maple veneer for a nice flex and outstanding durability. Black die grip tape compliments the vibrant rasta gradient of the crowned lion painted on the underside. On top of the board lies three verticle red, yellow, and green stripes.

Red and yellow Road Rider 180 trucks add turning stability where the drop through design lacks support. Road Rider 75millimeter, 78A longboard wheels make the board ride as smooth as possible. Its cambered profile with concave taco design allows for extra control.

Customers love how smooth this board rides, leaving tons of positive reviews on Amazon. Customers praise this board for its durability and how well it holds weight. The only negative reviews are those who got damaged packages and one report about it breaking in only a few weeks. However, I feel like the board breaking may have something to do with misuse since many others have held up well for years.

Arbor Axis 40 Artist

Arbor Axis 40 Artist - Draplin 2018 Complete Longboard New
  • Arbor Axis Artist Collection Draplin 2018 Complete Longboard Measures 40"
  • Paris Black 180mm Longboard Trucks
  • Arbor Outlook Black 69mm Longboard Wheels

This longboard is one of Zumiez Longboards most beautiful bamboo decks. It comes with clear grip tape constructed from crushed recycled glass. An artist named Hannes Hummel did the artwork on the bottom of the board. The design features a mirrored composition of flowers, shells, crossed keys, and insects with a geometrical background.

Centerset Arbor Sucrose Initiative 70 millimeter, 78A durometer wheels allow for smooth freeride and cruising. Abec 5 bearings and 180 millimeter Paris Reverse Kingpin Trucks for a faster and more strong riding experience. The board also features carved out wheel wells for cleaner turning.

Reviewers on Tactics love this deck. Many customers can't get over how well it handles and how smooth it rides. It has no negative reviews; customers only rave about the deck's durability and how beautiful it looks in real life. However, Amazon reviewers claim that the board doesn't have much flex to it, which some riders require with their boards.

Arbor Fish 37

Arbor Fish 37 Solstice Longboard Complete New 2017
  • Arbor Fish Solstice Longboard Measures 9.0"x 337"
  • Paris Silver Longboard Trucks
  • Arbor Mosh White 65mm 78a Longboard Wheels

This clean wood and mandala design of the Arbor Solstice is simple enough for anyone. The size is perfect for smaller riders that have trouble with the 40-inch Arbor Axis. The 8-ply maple construction and drop through design carve smoothly through all twists and turns. Clear Lucid grip tape houses the logo graphic for a clean look.

Arbor Sucrose Initiative 70 millimeter, 78A durometer wheels are also installed onto this board. Along with the same Abec 5 bearings and 180-millimeter Gullwing Reverse Kingpin Trucks for that fast, smooth ride that everyone desires. This board lacks carved wheel wells, so turning may be a bit more difficult since it's closer to the ground.

Reviews from ReviewLongboards support the Arbor Solstice Axis' claims of being incredibly stable and durable. Riding fast is smooth with the drop through design keeping top speeds from being wobbly. However, the clear grip spray wears over time, like most grip sprays. This problem is easily fixed by replacing the spray with a grip tape over time.

GLOBE Skateboards

GLOBE Skateboards Blazer XL Longboard Complete Skateboard, H+ Neon
  • Long length diamond-tail cruiser with built-in bottle opener
  • 36.25" x 9.75" x 21.5"WB
  • Resin-8 hard rock Maple

This deck is a beautiful orange fade dye colorway; featuring multicolored dyed veneers that include subtle hues of orange, green, blue and black. The 8-ply resin maple deck is a mellow concave with moderate flex and a kick tail. 180-millimeter Slant reverse kingpin trucks with 1/8-inch rubber riser pads give the most extensive ability range to this board.

Its 70-millimeter, 78A Globe wheels, and Abec 7 bearings allow for fast riding, smooth cruising, and beautiful carving. This board also features die-cut black grip tape on the top of the deck with custom logo graphics.

Globe Longboards are some of the most durable, flexible, and long lasting longboards one can get. Because of this, Globe doesn't pump out a ton of different longboard collections each year. They don't need to, though, because their boards can last a lifetime.


Man maneuvering a zumiez longboard in a basketball court

Personally, Globe is my favorite brand when it comes to longboards. However, Globe has pretty much stopped making new longboards, making them way harder to come by, especially in Zumiez Longboards. As someone with four different Globe decks, it's safe to say they are my top recommended brand.

Though, when it comes to a specific board, the Globe Pinner is still what I'd recommend. Not only does the complete deck come with high-end accessories that cover all possible ways to ride, but the board itself has a very lovely flex and bounce to it that makes it feel durable. You get a bunch of high-end accessories for a very fair price.

Get Your Skate On with Element Skateboards

element skateboards

One of the things I have always wanted to do is learn how to skateboard. Not only is skateboarding fun, but it is also a great way to make friends and stay active. Unfortunately, when I finally decided to start my skateboarding journey, I realized there was one big problem with my plan: I did not own a skateboard! Trying to find one was overwhelming, but then I ran across Element Skateboards.

The company has such a wide variety of longboards and street boards to choose from. With the variety of skateboards, you can choose the one that is perfect for you.

What Are Element Skateboards?

Element Skateboards is a company based out of California. Their brand of skateboards makes both street skateboards and longboards. The boards and decks are constructed from thrift wood seven-ply maple. The boards are made thicker for added strength and minimal flexing. They also come in a wide variety of colors and schemes, as well as graphics that are sure to catch people's eye. Each board features the brand name and symbol.

Element Skateboards Products

The Element Skateboard Company doesn’t just make unique skateboards. They also sell other things that you will need for your skateboards including specific wheels that come with any skateboard you want to buy. There is also an Element graphic grip tape. This sticky helper will keep your feet firmly planted on your board with no chance of slipping. You might think it is hard to apply, but it is very easy. All you need is an Element grip tape file.

Challenge yourself to new tricks using Element Skateboard Wax. This wax is applied to railings and street curbs, and it will give you complete control as you board against different surfaces. To give your board additional lift, you can use Element Skateboard riser pads. They are shock-absorbent pads to help prevent your skateboard from cracking.

Where To Buy This Product

You can buy Element Skateboards at their store in Irvine, California, or online at Elementskateboards.com. You can also purchase them on Amazon.

Price Range of Element Skateboards

It all depends on which skateboard you are looking for and from which website you’re looking at, whether it is the Element Skateboards website, or on Amazon.

How We Reviewed

We reviewed each Element Skateboard by looking at the features, the pros, and cons of the skateboards, as well as looking at the prices. We also looked at reviews of each skateboard on Zazzle.com, zumeiz.com, and Amazon. 

Review of Different Element Skateboards

The following are some of our favorite Element Skateboards.

  • The Element Section deck features Element Featherlight Construction. Team tested, approved, and ridden! 100% USA grown...
  • Core trucks are light weight and feature heavy duty aluminum with grade 8 steel kingpins and axles, as well as USA made...
  • 52mm 99A are the perfect wheels for both street and park skating

The Element Section Black Complete Skateboard comes with a black Element deck, and it also features Element Featherlight construction. The core trucks on this skateboard are lightweight and feature heavy-duty aluminum which has grade 8 steel kingpins. The axels, the bushings and pivot cups are also all made in the US. The wheels for this skateboard are 52mm 99A which make this skateboard a perfect one for both park and street skating. This skateboard arrives unassembled which allows the builder to have a sense of accomplishment when they are finished building it for themselves.

Many customers loved this skateboard saying it was durable, easy to assemble and easy to learn how to ride for beginners. 

Some critiques of this board include the fact that it comes completely unassembled. Some customers even recommend having a professional help you put the board together after you’ve received it. Another critique is that the wheels are too narrow for the board and some of the wheels and the trunk, as well as the deck, are all too cheap.

Element Swash 7.5" Complete Skateboard Inch Complete Skateboard Multi...
  • Element Swash Skateboard Measures 7.5" X 31.25"
  • Element Trucks
  • Element Wheels

The Element Swash Skateboard comes complete with an Element deck, wheels, and bearings. This board comes fully assembled and ready to ride whenever you feel like it. This board measures 7.5 by 31.25 inches. 

A lot of customers are pleased with this skateboard saying that the price of it is fair. Some say it is easy to assemble and that everything they needed for their skateboard is easy to find online.

No products found.

No products found.

The Element Hatched 8.0 Rasta Skateboard Complete comes in a variety of colors. It also comes with Element trucks, wheels, and bearings. The decks of these skateboards are made with cutting-edge technology. They are also made from the best materials which make for an unrivaled combination of functionality and durability. This skateboard is another one that comes fully assembled and ready to ride at a moment’s notice. It is a street style skateboard that is easy to learn on for beginners and youth.

Juggalo Graffiti Lion Pro Park Skateboard

The Juggalo Graffiti Lion Pro Park Board offers a great pop for skating competitions. It doesn't matter if you are practicing grinds on halfpipes or kickflips on your street. The decks for this board are made with high-quality rock-maple wood. They even have a one of a kind printing process that prints whatever design you want on your board which makes it truly unique. This board is for ages 13 and up. 

So many people love the fact that anyone can make their own customizable print on these skateboards. Some say the printed look goes away if you use the skateboard all the time on the street or in the skate parks. A lot of customers would recommend giving it to friends for their birthday. More than one customer even gave this skateboard a 5.0 out of the 5-star review.

However, there are always some negative reviews. The paint had come off the board in multiple areas. Yet the child had only ridden the skateboard inside the house.

Cosmic Radiance Hologram Element Pro Skateboard

The Cosmic Radiance Hologram Element Pro Skateboard offers some of the same features as the Juggalo Graffiti Lion Pro Park Board. This board is customizable and can have any print you’d like on it. The competition is fierce with this board. You can be shredding halfpipes in the skatepark and teaching others how to do kickflips with ease. The board costs between $60 and $70.

Many customers gave this product a 5.0 out of 5.0-star rating on Zazzle.com saying that the boards make great Christmas and birthday gifts. Many say the boards are very durable and hold up well under kids’ constant use of them. There were some complaints though about the printing on some boards. There were also complaints of the product being too pricey. Some other complaints include seeing squares when there aren't supposed to be any squares in the graphics of the board.

How Element Compares to Other Brands

Overall, Element Skateboards compared well with other skateboards. They offer much of the same accessories, styles, and apparel as other brands of skateboards.

Plan B Skateboards

Plan B is a company that is legendary and well known for making quality skateboards. They have built an enormous reputation worldwide for the last 25 years. Like Element Skateboards, they offer a variety of cool colors and designs to fit any style. Also, just as Element Skateboards are reasonable in price, the prices at Plan B are reasonable for skateboards too.

You can also shop for wheels, decks and other accessories including cool apparel such as hoodies from Plan B. Just as with Element Skateboards, you can create your own graphic on a custom-built skateboard just for you. Like Element Skateboards, you can find Plan B skateboards in California at their store or online at Plan B for prices between $50 and $90.

A lot of people had positive reviews for both Element and Plan B skateboards, with some customers giving them both 4 out of 5-star ratings on Amazon.

Zero Skateboards

Zero Skateboards are skateboards that speak to the underdogs. There was a lot of mediocrity in the skateboard community in the late 90s. Like Element Skateboards, their prices are fairly reasonable and range from $49 up to $155. Just as with Element Skateboards, you can shop for apparel and decks, as well as accessories and complete skateboards.

The products at Zero Skateboards have great reviews on Amazon, just like Element Skateboards. Most customers give Zero Skateboards a 4 out of 5-star rating. Some even say that they’d had the Zero Skateboard brand for years. A lot of customers are happy that their boards aren't broken. One customer even says that her son has been skating for more than 12 years. She said that he had purchased the same Zero Skateboard multiple times.

There were some negative reports with Zero Skateboards on Amazon though, just as there was with Element Skateboards. One reviewer said they ordered two decks of the same size for his skateboard. Then both of them came in sizes that were too small and didn’t match his board.

Alien Workshop Skateboards

Alien Workshop Skateboards is a skateboard shop that was formed in Dayton Ohio in the fall of 1990. They always make quality products. Like Element Skateboards, they offer a wide variety of accessories, decks and complete skateboards for you to choose from. Their prices for different skateboards are fairly reasonable and range from $50 to $70.

Some people loved the Alien Workshop Skateboards quality and their durability on Amazon. One customer even said his son was able to assemble most of the board himself without much help from an adult. The only thing that his son needed help with was the grip tape.

Comparison Table




Element Swash 7.5' Complete Skateboard Inch Complete Skateboard Multi...

No products found.

No products found.

No products found.

No products found.

No products found.

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No products found.

No products found.

No products found.

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No products found.

No products found.

No products found.

No products found.

No products found.

Our Verdict

We would recommend the Cosmic Radiance Hologram Element Pro Skateboard. The graphics of this board fits in well with anyone who loves space and the thought of exploring it. Many people may want to explore space, but will never have the chance to, so this board's graphics will help them feel as though they are in space every time they look at it.

The fact that a lot of people would be able to customize it to their size is another aspect that might intrigue people. Remember, just because it says pro in the name of the skateboard doesn't mean younger kids can't enjoy learning how to skateboard on it as well.

The Cosmic Radiance Element Pro Skateboard is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to try skateboarding for the first time because it is safe for people ages 13 and up. This board is also perfect for the pro skateboarders. The price of the board is budget friendly too.

The 10 Best Longboard Bearings

From novice to expert level skating, there is no component that affects the operation of a longboard quite like the bearings do. If you have less-than-ideal bearings, it will lead to a bumpy ride with slower speeds and less handling. You need the best longboard bearings made of steel and/or ceramic in order to up your game and improve your ride. No matter your skill level or reason for riding, keep in mind that a good set of fast bearings will instantly change the way a new rider skates.

The market for longboard bearings can be confusing and our team of experts is excited to share with you the top ten best longboard bearings that are available for you to purchase on the market today.

Longboard Bearings FAQ

1. What Sizes Are the Best Longboard Bearings?

2. What Are ABEC Ratings?

3. Where Did the Best Longboard Bearings Originate From?

4. What Materials Are the Best Longboard Bearings Made From?

5. Overall Price Range?

How We Reviewed

Set of longboard bearings

Our team spent much time and effort researching different models to bring you this unbiased, best-of bearings list based on the parameters of their features, their pros and cons, their price, and where to buy them.

10 Best Longboard Bearings

1.) Bones Reds

Bones Reds Skateboard Bearings 8 Pack
  • Bestselling skate bearing brand in the USA - BONES know interludes the SKATE RATED sticker on most of there packaging to...
  • Single, non-contact, removable rubber shield for easy cleaning and less friction; high speed nylon ball retainer for...
  • Pre-lubricated with Speed Cream racing lubricant


These are considered some of the best longboard bearings because they combine a skate-rated design with high-quality materials and components. They have super-finished and ground balls and races created out of stainless steel, and the high-speed ball retainer is constructed out of removable nylon. It promotes a faster and smoother ride, and the bearings themselves are guaranteed to be long-lasting and durable.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Super-finished stainless steel balls and sturdy races
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Great for added speed and strength


  • Packaging used is not the best
  • Some report a bumpy roll


About $$

2.) Zealous Bearings

Zealous Bearings for Skateboards and Longboards (Steel)
  • Precision 8mm axle holes
  • 0.5mm built in speedrings
  • Green rubber seals to keep dirt and debris on the outside of the bearing


Zealous longboard bearings are constructed from steel but harbor a green inner and outer seal to ensure that debris, thane, and dirt stay out of them. They come pre-lubricated using a long-lasting grease that minimizes friction and the buildup of corrosion on the interiors. These bearings come with speed rings and spacers already built in which make them an excellent value for the price and prevent you from losing small parts when you change the bearings or wheels.


  • Strong and sturdy steel construction
  • Inner and outer seals prevent debris, thane, and dirt from getting in
  • Friction-resistant and corrosion-resistant
  • Guarantees a lower water washout


  • Some notice rattling sounds while riding
  • Some report no difference in speed or maintaining speed


About $$

3.) Yellow Jacket

Yellow Jacket Premium Inline Skate Bearings, Roller Skate Bearings,...
  • HIGH PRECISION HIGH SPEED BEARINGS: Used with Skateboards, Longboards, Inline Skates, Rollerblades, Electric...
  • PRE-LUBRICATED WITH HIGH SPEED RACING LUBE: Ultra-Fast Lube for Guaranteed High Speeds and minimal friction. Yellow...
  • ENGRAVED COLOR SEALS FOR PROTECTION: Cool engraved colored seals for bright colors and protection from dirt, rocks,...


You will notice a longer and faster spinning in your wheels with these bearings. They effectively minimize friction and they feature a seal designed to provide a weatherproofing ability to them. They have an ABEC-9 rating for their manufacturing tolerances, and the high-speed and high-precision nature of these bearings will more than impress you. They boast excellent flexibility as they will work with longboards, skateboards, rollerblades, and inline skates among many others.


  • Helps the wheels spin faster and longer
  • Minimal friction occurs
  • Weatherproof thanks to a seal
  • High-speed, high-precision, and flexible


  • Some notice these bearings are noisy
  • High in price


About $$

4.) No products found.

No products found.


These longboard bearings are available in a set of eight pieces with eight ceramic wheel bearings and a sticker with four bearing spacers. The balls of these bearings are constructed out of Cerbec ceramic that makes them not only light, but strong and hard. They boast a precision-grade Swiss design that's longboard-friendly and you'll feel satisfied with the combination of the speed cream lubricant and nylon ball retainers that are guaranteed to give you a smooth and sustainable ride.


  • Comes with clear instructions on using the bearings and putting them together
  • Lightweight and sturdy ceramic material
  • Durable and built to last
  • Comes pre-lubricated with a speed cream lubricant


  • Extremely high in price
  • Not for casual skaters


About $$$


These best longboard bearings are so quiet they'll impress you. This is thanks to their Bones Swiss Ceramics-esque balls that are fast, smooth, and only get better from the moment they're taken out of the box. These bearings boast waterproof capabilities and their rubber-coated shields are removable. These are only a bit slower than Bones brand bearings and are an excellent substitute for those on a budget. The spacers and washers these bearings come with will keep them in tip-top shape and ensure there's no friction occurring whatsoever.


  • Ceramic performance
  • Costs less than competitors such as Bones
  • Waterproof capabilities
  • Removable rubber-coated shields for added protection


  • Longevity issues
  • These require a break-in period to reach their potential


About $$

6.) Oust MOC

Oust Bearings: MOC 9 Air (set of 8)
  • ✅Reduced Noise and Friction➤ These skateboard bearings are essential to keep your skateboard moving and reach high...
  • ✅Smooth & Fast Ride ➤This is the most popular size and bearings to fit skateboard wheels, longboard wheels, roller...
  • ✅Perfect Bearings➤ You get high precision bearing with stable performance. Compatible with electric-skateboards,...


These best longboard bearings claim higher overall tolerances than any other bearing out there. These US-made balls have races that are polished smoothly. Their unique shields provide excellent protection from dirt and grime thanks to their unique placement and non-contact nature. Although Oust claims their MOC 9 Airs outperform an ABEC-9 bearing, there is no rating that high because there is no invented bearing that rolls that smoothly. Although their claim may not be all true, their speeds are impressive and so are their longevity.


  • Ultra-fast and long-lasting
  • Thoughtful shield design
  • Designed for lateral forces as well as vertical ones
  • Highest rating there is


  • Claims are not all true (the ABEC rating)
  • More expensive than other competitors


About $$

7.) Oldboy

Oldboy Premium Ceramic Skateboard Bearings (608RS ZrO2 at 8 x 22 x 7...
  • SMOOTHER RIDE: Set of 8 Oldboy ceramic bearings are heavily lubricated to resist drag. Break them in with a few gnarly...
  • EXTENDED LIFE: Super hard ceramic balls (7) are pre-lubricated to reduce friction and prevent wear and tears. Perfect...
  • BETTER THAN STEEL: Don’t settle for metal bearings that promise a long spin time right out of the box, but are prone...


These best longboard bearings come in an eight-piece set that is pre-lubricated heavily so they resist drag effectively. They minimize friction while preventing wear and tear at high speeds and their versatility stretches far and wide, including compatibility for long-distance cruising, bombing hills, and slalom skating. Since these are ceramic bearings, you won't have to worry about rusting or dirt scratching them. You can expect these bearings to give you a professional ride regardless of how hard and fast you ride thanks to the heavy lube and the formidable material.


  • Professional ride that resists drag
  • Pre-lubricated to prevent wear and tear and minimize friction
  • Speedy and versatile for various rides
  • Can prevent rust and dirt from damaging them


  • These should be broken in substantially
  • Out of Stock on Amazon


Around $$

8.) Bronson Speed Co

Bronson Speed Co. G3 Bearings (Set of 8)
  • Deep Groove raceways balls roll deep in raceway channels reduces side impact damage & breakage
  • Straight edge frictionless shields pop off resistant holds oil in, dirt and moisture out easy to clean
  • Micro Groove raceway surfaces linear microgroove surfaces improve bearing lubrication, speed and spin


These best longboard bearings are perhaps one of the most technologically advanced bearings on the market. They accelerate quickly from a stop, allow for less friction and a longer roll, and their ball sockets are placed within nylon cage so their unique lubricant stays on longer.


  • Technologically advanced
  • Accelerate quickly from a stop
  • Less friction and a longer roll
  • Ball sockets within nylon cages to retain lubricant


  • There is only one shield per bearing, leaving one side bare
  • Too new on the market for a popular opinion


About $$

9.) Bones

Bones Ceramic Super Reds Skateboard Bearings 8 Pack
  • The cerbec ceramic balls are much lighter, harder, stronger, waterproof, and longer lasting than the finest steel balls
  • Single, non-contact, removable rubber shield for easy cleaning and less friction
  • High speed nylon ball retainer for greater strength and speed


These best longboard bearings are lightweight, making them easier to manage. They offer a speedy acceleration thanks to the built-in balls that weigh less compared to others. They minimize friction and will ride faster even without lubricant. The ceramic materials of these bearings are more than capable of withstanding versatility and durability as they are less prone to rusting. They are waterproof and make use of a removable rubber shield that makes it easier to clean and reduces friction even more.


  • Lightweight and easy to manage
  • Speedy acceleration and minimal friction (with or without lubrication)
  • Made of ceramic balls
  • Waterproof, reliable, and strong with its nylon ball retainer


  • These need to be broken in at first
  • High in price


About $$

10.) Heady Shake

Heady Shake Pro Skateboard Bearings - Fastest Premium 608rs Titanium -...
  • ULTRA SMOOTH, ULTRA-FAST – These precision skateboard bearings are pre-lubricated with special lubricant to make the...
  • UNMATCHED PRECISION DESIGN – Heady Shake bearings for skateboards offer a quiet rotation, high-spinning speed, and...
  • BLAZING SPEEDS FOR ALL YOUR GEAR – These top-quality bearings can be used for a variety of skates, including inline...


These high-end best longboard bearings will offer that smooth and ultra-fast ride you've been dreaming about. The special lubricant they come with ensures they run quickly and smoothly and they are long-lasting and durable. They promote high-spinning speed and quiet rotation for an even smoother experience. The versatility and flexibility of these bearings is not undersold as they can handle various skates, kick scooters, skateboards, and roller and inline skates. They come with a waterproof sticker and highly dependable/sturdy skateboard spacers.


  • Ultra-fast and smooth rides on all surfaces
  • Pre-lubricated
  • Long-lasting and durable models
  • Flexible and versatile


  • These need time to break in
  • Only one seal per bearing


About $$

The Verdict

Orange longboard bearings and wheels

We hope our list of the ten best longboard bearings has given you a few substantial options for your next set of bearings. Pick out your favorite from our list and follow its Amazon link to purchase it for yourself. We highly recommend the Bones Swiss Ceramic Bearings because they offer a smooth, fast ride with little friction. Check them out on Amazon, what are you waiting for?

Kryptonics Skateboard Review

Kryptonics Skateboard

If you’re into boarding on a budget, you’ve probably long since heard of the legendary Kryptonics skateboard company. These guys have impacted the skateboard industry more than most boarding outfits will ever dream of. Not only have they revolutionized the possibility of affordable yet quality boards in the past, but they also changed the skateboard wheel industry forever.

Kryptonics skateboards are exactly what they claim to be: a premium board, from a legendary manufacturer, at a price that anyone can afford. For beginners, intermediates, and anyone looking to board on a budget, Kryptonics skateboards and accessories are a great investment. But, to know if they are the right board for you, you need more information.


Kryptonics Skateboard

The Kryptonics Skateboard brand is one of the oldest in the industry. Creating high-quality boards from way back in the 1960’s, Kryptonics has earned their reputation the tried and true way. However, after over half a century of providing top-of-the-line wheels and pre-assembled boards to the general public, the brand has recently come under attack by the skating community. With the increase of cheaper Kryptonics Skateboard products available at mainstream retail stores, skaters seem to believe the quality of the gear is somewhat lacking compared to earlier merchandise.

The truth of the matter is, with the versatile market of today, Kryptonics may currently be only a shadow of its former self, but regardless, their products are just as good as ever. You won’t find their signature C-Series wheels on all of their stock boards at retailers such as Walmart, but you can still order those parts if you want them on your board. Just because they aren’t giving away all of their best parts and accessories with their $50 Walmart boards doesn’t mean they aren’t producing the same great quality as before.

History of the Kryptonics Skateboard Company

Trasher Kryptonics Skateboard

So, as stated above, the Kryptonics Skateboard company has been around for just as long if not longer than most companies in the industry today. Founded back in the 1960’s, the company changed up the skateboard wheel industry just a decade later when they released the Star Trac product line. These premium skateboard wheels improved the functionality of skateboards forever. The wheels were also the first color-coded line of skateboard wheels to be offered by any manufacturer. The Kryptonics Skateboard company single-handedly dominated the entire skateboard wheel industry for years, in fact, they are still one of the most high-quality wheels available.

Due to having such a dominant product, more skateboarders using Kryptonics skateboard wheel were able to perform better on all terrain and, of course, won more competitions than skaters using any other brand name wheels. Tony Alva, Steven Alba, David Hackett, Stacy Peralta, and Tommy Ryan are but a few of the boarders who are (or have been) sponsored by Kryptonics. Two decades ago, in 1997, Bravo Sports merged with Kryptonics and Kryptane Systems L.L.C. was born. The company now manufacturers a more versatile range of urethane products.

What to Look for in a Kryptonics Skateboard

Before deciding to purchase any one skateboard, consider several crucial factors. Avoid lamenting the purchase of an inferior product, or getting stuck with no guarantees or warranty options. Inspect each potential purchase for all of the following:

Quality of components

The quality of the materials that make up the components of a skateboard is of the utmost importance. Among the most important parts to thoroughly look over before purchasing are the deck, trucks, wheels, bearings, bushings, and base plate, as well as all nuts, bolts, and washers. Second rate parts may result in a board which is incapable of standing the test of time.

Level of maintenance required

The level of maintenance which a board requires is another vital consideration to think about prior to buying. How hard will it be to replace parts, and even more importantly, how expensive are replacement parts? Will it be easy to clean, and if so, will normal cleaning products damage it in any way? Remember that you will have to replace the bearings and bushing every six months or so. That will go further than anything when it comes to maintaining the highest possible performance for your board. You must also change Axles and kingpins annually.

Return policy, guarantee, and warranty

Check with the retailers you are considering buying a board from to see what their return policy is as well as what warranties and guarantees come with any potential purchases. The last thing you want is to purchase the wrong board and get stuck footing the bill due to a no-return policy you weren’t aware of.

Does the board come pre-assembled?

Another critical aspect to consider is if the board will come fully assembled, or if you will need to assemble it yourself before using it. For those who want the satisfaction of riding a completely custom board, purchasing a board that you can put together with your own two hands may be the best route to go. For everyone else, a pre-assembled board is the fastest route to hitting the concrete with a professionally built board.

What kind of wheels should I buy?

The wheels of a skateboard are a huge indicator as to how well it will do on various terrain. They also have a lot to do with how fast the board will go, as well as how easy it is to control. Cruisers tend to ride boards in the 70mm to 76mm range. Skatepark fanatics lean towards boards with 60mm to 65mm wheels. Mini-boards normally come with wheels in the 55mm to 60mm range while street boards typically start off with 50mm to 55mm.

What kind of trucks does the board come with?

Trucks are one of the most important components of a skateboard beside the deck, bearings, and wheels. The size and style of trucks on your board help to determine the maneuverability and turning capabilities of your board. If you are just getting started in the world of skating, you’ll want to try a couple of styles of trucks before investing in higher-end options.

What type of deck does the skateboard have?

Perhaps the most notable feature of most boards (and by far the most interesting to spectators) is the deck itself. The sort of deck you select will make a huge difference in the performance you get from your board. For cruising, most favor anything from a 30-plus inch to 60-inch deck. Whole commuters tend to go with something under 40 inches. The width of the deck is also important. The most common width of skateboards is between seven inches and slightly over eight inches.

What kind of bearings does the board have?

The sort of bearings that your board comes with, or that you replace your old bearings with for that matter, are pretty crucial to your board’s overall performance. If you’re just starting out with boarding, or are investing in a new board, the stock bearings should do just fine until you get the hang of your new board. Upgrading to higher-quality bearings will increase the ease of use and the maximum speed of your board.

How Much Does a Kryptonics Skateboard Cost?

The price range of a Kryptonics Skateboard is $ to $$. Granted, the actual price may vary, but they are widely available through major retailers such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. You can, of course, purchase them from Kryptonics themselves as well. Brand new Kryptonics skateboard wheels have a price range of $ to $$ and are available via Kryptonics and Amazon.


To deliver the best review and buyer’s guide possible, we cruised the internet for all of the available ratings, reviews, customer complaints, product descriptions, and informational videos on Kryptoincs skateboards. We looked at longboarding forums, review sites, and scoured the world wide web for customer commentary. The following list is a culmination of what we discovered.

Here it is, the list you’ve been waiting for: The Best Kryptics Skateboards. Below, you’ll find product descriptions, ratings, price ranges, warranty options, as well as summaries of the most significant features and benefits. Enjoy!

The Best Kryptonics Skateboards

A new take on a Kryptonics skateboard classic, the Torpedo Cruiser is first on our list. It comes with a highly flexible and impact resistant custom polypropylene deck that is 22.5 inches long and 6 inches wide. The board comes with 3.25-inch Retro Cruiser trucks and 90a bushings. It has 2mm by 51mm, 83a smooth urethane wheels and ABEC 5 speed bearings for a superior ride.

This board is available on Amazon. It has a 3.6 out of 5 stars rating based on Amazon customer reviews. It has a price range of $$$ to $$$.

The Original Torpedo is a remake of one of the best selling Kryptonics skateboards ever. It comes with a flexible, high impact, grip patterned, 22.5-inch deck. The width of the deck is six inches. The board has integrated grip tape for higher stability and greater traction. It has carbon steel ABEC-5 bearings for the smoothest possible ride. The trucks are 3.25-inch aluminum Retro Cruisers, the bushing are polyurethane-injected so that they can hold more weight and allow better speeds.

You can pick up the original Torpedo on Amazon. It has a rating of 3.2 out of 5 stars due to Amazon customer reviews. The price range for this board is $ to $$.

Kryptonics Super Fat Wide Cruiser 30.5" Complete Skateboard, Blue Fish
  • COMPLETE SKATEBOARD: Complete 30.5" skateboard with a thick, durable 8-ply laminated wood deck and 9.75" super wide...
  • SINGLE KICKTAIL DESIGN: Single kicktail super wide cruiser design provides excellent control and easy braking
  • SMOOTH RIDE: 65mm x 51mm poured polyurethane wheels and carbon steel ABEC-5 bearings deliver a smooth ride

This 30.5-inch high-durability 8-ply maple wood board is known as the Super Fat Cruiser. It has a super wide body, 9.75 inches in width to be exact. It is a single kicktail design allowing for maximum control and easy braking. The wheels are 65mm by 51mm, the bearings are carbon steel, and the bushing is 88a urethane. Aluminum trucks, 12mm angled riser pads, and a 220-pound max weight are additional features of the Super Fat Cruiser.

The Super Fat Cruiser is available for purchase on Amazon. It has a 4.5 out of 5 stars rating from Amazon customer reviews. The price range of this skateboard is $ to $$.

Kryptonics 44" Blocktail Longboard, Sunset
  • Complete 44-in. longboard with a thick, durable 8-ply maple wood deck
  • Blocktail design is stable and low to the ground with slight concave shape for added control
  • 69mm x 55mm poured polyurethane wheels and carbon steel ABEC-5 bearings deliver a smooth ride

Perhaps the longest board to grace our list is the Blocktail Longboard in Sunset theme. It features a low to the ground concave shape for the most superior control possible. The deck consists of highly durable eight-ply maple wood, it has six inch angled aluminum trucks and soft bushings. It comes with 69mm by 55mm wheels and carbon steel bearings. The max weight of this board is 220 pounds.

This board is available through Amazon. It has a 5 out of 5 stars rating based on Amazon customer reviews. Its price range is $$ to $$$.

Kryptonics 30" Cutaway Cruiser Skateboard, Anchors
  • Complete 30-in. skateboard with 8-ply maple wood deck
  • Classic cutaway design provides high level of control and easy braking
  • 62mm x 51mm polyurethane wheels and carbon steel ABEC-3 bearings give a smooth ride

The Cutaway Cruiser board is another exceptional board for an affordable price. This 30-inch board features a cutting-edge cutaway design for smoother braking and full directional control. The wheels are 62mm by 51mm, the trucks are 4 inches and aluminum, and it has carbon steel ABEC-3 bearings. The 12mm angled riser pads and a 220-pound maximum weight limit are additional features of the board.

The Cutaway is available online at Amazon. It has a 3.5 out of 5 stars rating due to Amazon customer reviews. The board’s price range is $ to $$.

Kryptonics 32" Drop-Down Longboard, Triangles
  • Complete 32-in. longboard with 8-ply maple wood deck with drop-down design
  • Drop-down deck is stable and low to the ground for added control
  • 65mm x 51mm poured polyurethane wheels and carbon steel ABEC-3 bearings deliver a smooth ride

The Drop-Down Longboard is slightly smaller than the Blocktail Longboard but it is similar. It has a 32-inch 8-ply maple wood deck and an angled 6-inch truck system made from high-end composite materials. The board comes with 65mm by 51mm poured polyurethane wheels as well as ABEC-3 carbon steel bearings for a stable well-designed ride. The maximum boarder weight is 220 pounds.

You can pick up the Drop-Down Longboard from Kryptonics via Amazon. It has a rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars by Amazon customer review. The price range of the board is $ to $$.

Kryptonics Drop-In Series 31" Complete Skateboard, Flag Blue (163684)
  • COMPLETE SKATEBOARD: Complete 31" skateboard with a thick, durable 9-ply maple wood deck and rounded edges is perfect...
  • DOUBLE KICKTAIL DESIGN: Double kicktail design provides greater control and easy braking and allows for a wide range of...
  • SMOOTH RIDE: 52mm x 33mm polyurethane-injected wheels and carbon steel ABEC-3 bearings deliver a smooth ride on any...

The Drop-In series is one of the more unique Kryptonics skateboard designs featured on our list. This 31-inch board comes with a double kicktail construction that is perfect for those who love performing tricks on their boards. It has a nine-ply maple wood deck with rounded edges. The polyurethane-injected wheels are 52mm by 33mm and it has bearings of carbon steel. This board has heavy duty five-inch aluminum trucks. Maximum riding weight is 220 pounds.

The Drop-In Series Skateboard is available online at Amazon. It has a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars based on Amazon customer reviews. The board’s price range is $ to $.

Kryptonics Drop-Through Longboard 37" Skateboard, Staycation
  • Complete 37-in. longboard with a thick, durable 8-ply maple wood deck with drop-through design
  • Drop-through deck is stable and low to the ground with single kicktail for added control
  • 69mm x 55mm poured polyurethane wheels and carbon steel ABEC-5 bearings deliver a smooth ride

The last board, but far from the least, to make our list is the Drop-Through Longboard. This board comes with a 37-inch long, 8-ply maple wood deck and features a drop-through construction. It is a single kicktail design and hugs the ground for superior controllability. This smooth ride rolls on 69mm by 55mm wheels and ABEC-5 bearings. It uses heavy duty seven-inch aluminum trucks, soft bushings, and aluminum plate supports.

This board is available on Amazon. It has a 3 out of 5 stars rating from Amazon customer reviews. The price range of the board is $$ to $$$.

Now that we talked about Kryptonics Skateboards, and we’ve gone over the top boards on the market, before moving on to the best board of them all, let’s do a quick recap of the advantages and disadvantages of investing in and riding on a Kryptonics skateboard.


  • Extreme availability of the boards as well as wheels and replacement parts
  • Flexible decks, smooth riding, easy turning boards, and high-end vintage boards and wheels


  • Stock boards could handle various terrain such as concrete and pavement a bit more smoothly
  • Trucks and wheels that come on stock boards could be higher-quality as well


The most obvious advantages to investing in and riding a Kryptonics skateboard are the excellent prices and extreme availability of the boards as well as wheels and replacement parts. Flexible decks, smooth riding, easy turning boards, and high-end vintage boards and wheels are additional advantages of these boards.


The biggest drawback of using Kryptonics skateboards is that they just aren’t what they used to be. The stock boards could handle various terrain such as concrete and pavement a bit more smoothly, and the trucks and wheels that come on stock boards could be higher-quality as well.

Our Verdict on Kryptonics Skateboards

4 kryptonics skateboard

Kryptonics continues to be one of the biggest names in skateboards and boarding equipment. Most of their gear is exceptional quality, especially the vintage boards and wheels. Today, Kryptonics have paved the way in affordable skateboards through their affiliations with such significant retailers as Walmart and Amazon.

As for longboards, we can not recommend purchasing a Kryptonics longboard from Walmart, as some of them are manufactured at discounted prices in China and are not as high-quality as other product lines produced by the brand.

Do you own a new or vintage Kryptonics skateboard? How is it standing the test of time? Do you agree or disagree with our overall verdict on Kryptonics skateboards? Let us know in the comments.