Review and Buyer’s Guide to Sector 9 Longboards

Review and Buyer’s Guide to Sector 9 Longboards

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Do you live in a landlocked area but dream of surfing the waves? Or maybe you live near the ocean but can’t ride the waves as often as you’d like. If surfing on land sounds like a dream come true, then Sector 9 longboards are worth checking out. Their boards will suit any rider.

Sector 9 longboards have been around for 25 years, and their experience and dedication shows in their product. With years of experience and a commitment to local artists, Sector 9 has mastered the combination of riding on both a quality longboard as well as in style.

The Birth of Sector 9 Longboards

Sector 9 was first started in 1993 by a group of friends in La Jolla, CA who loved to surf and skateboard. These friends loved to surf but realized they could not get out into the ocean as often as they would have liked. They decided to upgrade their own skateboards into something that felt like a surfboard. And so the longboard was born.

As they tried different styles and rode them around their neighborhood streets, the group of friends knew they were on to something. Coining their name from a friend who was razzing them, Sector 9 was born, and the group of friends was on its way to making well-known quality longboards. Fast forward 25 years later and Sector 9 is now a leading producer and retailer of longboards.

Riding on Sector 9 Longboards

Riding on a Sector 9 longboard isn’t just for beginners. Offering hundreds of different styles, Sector 9 has longboards for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced riders.

Experienced riders can customize their longboards by deck, trucks, and wheels. New riders can trust Sector 9’s judgment and buy a complete longboard with the accessories already attached and ready to ride. Parsing through the options can be difficult, so here’s a breakdown of popular categories to help you investigate.

Ride style

Sector 9 has done a great job of identifying the different uses for their longboards. Whether you’re a cruiser, carver, or high-stakes downhill rider, Sector 9 has a longboard that will suit your needs.


If you’re looking to cruise the hallways or the boardwalk, you can choose from a range of longboards made specifically for helping you unwind. The Sand Shark is a consistent favorite among Sector 9 cruisers and allows for rides in the park, streets, and other terrains. Another cruiser option is the Shark Bite which has a squared-off nose, slight swallow tail, and unique graphic design.


More experienced riders might be more interested in how the longboard carves. Sector 9 knows riders like to ride the sides and go in circles. Built with trucks specifically designed for carving, the Sidewinder Series provides a quick and responsive turning radius.


Riders looking for speed and control should investigate Sector 9’s downhill collection. These boards go through rigorous testing and punishment on the roads, so you can be assured they will help you keep your speed and control while rolling down the hills.


Your riding style is not the only component of your longboard. The color and design of the longboard are going to have a large influence on which board you choose. Ranging from the artistic to the whimsical, Sector 9 excels in the variety of art they offer in their longboards.

Deck material

Most longboards on the market are 7-ply. Sector 9, however, recognizes that 7-ply isn’t the only type of material available for longboards. As advocates for the environment, Sector 9 has been producing longboards made of 100% sustainably harvested bamboo for years. The 2018 collection features the work of artist Erik Abel and showcases his love of the ocean, surfing, and travel.


The type of wheels you have can change your longboard from an average ride to an exceptional ride. Sector 9 recognizes the need for a variety of wheels and currently offers 92 different types of wheels on their website. Each one of these wheels is tested, reworked and tested again to assure that the ride they offer is the ride you’ll get.


Sector 9 has partnered with its sister company, Gullwing to provide the trucks for all their complete decks. Riders looking to customize their longboards can also purchase trucks individually. Gullwing has been manufacturing trucks for over fifty years and provides a classic design with strength and stability.


The silent workhorses of any longboard are the hardware components. Sector 9 has thought through every part of the longboarding experience and recognizes the need to manufacture their own hardware pieces. Sector 9 tests and develops the essential hardware needed for your longboard including bolts, bearings, bushings, and skate tools.


One of the biggest factors in determining whether a particular longboard is for you is the cost. Because of the wide variety of boards available from Sector 9, you will also see a wide variety of prices. If you’re looking for this season’s boards, prices can range from $75 to $250.

You might be able to find a better deal on previous years’ complete decks from online retailers such as Amazon and Walmart.

Complete vs. Deck

Riding a longboard is a personal experience and Sector 9 recognizes that. If you’re someone who wants to purchase a longboard that has the components already in place and is ready to ride, then a complete longboard is the way to go.

All of the hardware comes with it — you don’t need to worry about choosing the wheels or trucks.

If however, you want to personalize your longboard down to the color and size of the wheels, purchasing the deck separately is the right choice for you. Sector 9 accounts for both types of buyers and has complete boards and individual decks for sale.

As mentioned above, if you purchase the deck separately, you can also purchase the hardware from Sector 9 directly. Last, the artwork that Sector 9 is putting on their boards is outstanding, so if you just want to collect decks and display them on the wall, you can do that too.

It’s worth noting that in recent years, as Sector 9 becomes more established and popular, some retailers are selling Sector 9 complete longboards despite the hardware not being Sector 9 hardware. To help combat this issue, Sector 9 has begun to add a Certified Complete logo to all its complete boards.

If you decide to purchase your complete board from a retailer other than Sector 9 directly, be sure to look for the Certified Complete logo to ensure that not only is the deck from Sector 9, but also the trucks, wheels, and riser pads.

Return Policy and Warranty

What type of return policy available to you is going to depend on the dealer from whom you purchase your Sector 9 longboard. If you are buying your longboard directly from Sector 9, you can return an unused product for a full refund within 30 days of your purchase date.

Refunds are credited back to your credit card 7 to 14 days after Sector 9 receives the returned longboard. Shipping costs are the customer’s responsibility unless the reason for return is due to a defect or error in completing the order. Sector 9 does have a customer service line that can answer other questions you may have about your order.

Like the return policy, the warranty on your longboard is going to depend on which retailer you purchase from. One reason to purchase directly from Sector 9 is their outstanding warranty on newly purchased longboards.

If you purchase a Sector 9 Skate Deck directly from Sector 9 on or after January 1, 2018, your deck will be warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for 25 years from the date of purchase. Skate decks purchased prior to January 1, 2018, came with a warranty of 120 days after the date of purchase. So, if your board delaminates due to defects in materials, workmanship or glue- you’ll be covered.

Sector 9’s warranty does not include breakage due to wear, improper installation of accessories by the customer, or improper foot positioning. It also does not apply for normal wear and abuse. The only inconvenient aspect of Sector 9’s warranty is that you need to hold on to a copy of your original sales receipt to activate the warranty.

The Best of the Best Sector 9 Longboards

As discussed earlier, which longboard you choose is going to depend on your skill level, usage, and design preferences. Because of that, we’ve scoured the Internet for reviews of Sector 9’s longboards and have come up with the top 5 Sector 9 Longboards.

Sand Shark

If you intend to use your longboard for cruising or commuting, then the Sand Shark is worth looking at. Its dimensions are 28.5 inches long by 8 inches wide with a wheelbase of 14.5 inches.

Made out of 7-ply, the Sand Shark is available in a range of colors. Ranging in price from $100 to $150, the Sand Shark is an affordable longboard for the cruising rider.

Shark Bite

If you are looking for a cruising longboard that is slightly longer and narrower than the Sand Shark, then the Shark Bite longboard is worth considering. Also available in a variety of colors, its dimensions are 29.5 inches long by 7.75 inches wide with a wheelbase of 14.5 inches.

The Sand Shark is also made out of 7-ply and has 7.5-inch trucks. The Shark Bite also ranges from $100 to $150.

Scorcher Striker

The more serious longboarder might want to investigate the Scorcher Striker. With a length of 36.5 inches and width of 9.5 inches, this longboard is made for carving.

Made with vertical laminate bamboo sandwiched by two layers of fiberglass, the Scorcher Striker ranges in price from $200 to $250.


The Bonsai longboard from Sector 9 allows you to both carve and commute in style. This board is the longest, coming in at 42 inches long and 9.3 inches wide. Its wheelbase is also a powerhouse at 28.75 inches. This board is made of 5-ply vertical laminate bamboo and uses a taco mold.

The Bonsai ranges in price from $150 to $200.

Peak Javelin

For the more experienced riders looking to ride fast while going downhill, we recommend investigating the Peak Javelin. This longboard is made with 9-ply maple and has sharp rails and extra grip for control.

The Peak Javelin ranges in price from $200 to $250.

Pros and Cons of Sector 9 Longboards

We’ve done an extensive review of the Sector 9 longboards, so let’s do a quick recap of the pros and cons of the longboards to help you make your decision.


Sector 9 provides an extensive variety of longboards that suits any riders’ needs. Whether you’re cruising, carving, or freeriding, Sector 9 has the board for you. Because their boards are available in a wide range of prices, a Sector 9 longboard and can meet any budget.


The extended warranty that Sector 9 is offering is pretty impressive IF you can remember to hold on to that receipt. Be sure to save a copy of the receipt in case your board suffers any defects down the road.

Choosing Your Ride

Longboarding is an excellent way to feel like you are surfing while you ride on asphalt. While many companies produce longboards, Sector 9 has been able to channel its years of experience into its products. Recognizing the variety of riders that exist, Sector 9 has produced boards such as the Sand Shark for the casual rider to the Peak Javelin for the hardcore skater.

Whether or not you should purchase a Sector 9 longboard is going to depend on your budget, ride style, and design preferences. Thankfully, Sector 9 longboards are available in a wide range, so you will likely find one that meets your needs. With their strong warranty and variety of choices, you will have a hard time going wrong with Sector 9 Longboards.

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