Bustin Longboards Review

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Lately, longboards have been gaining popularity. Whether they are riding for fun or as a mode of transportation, you will often see people riding around town or on college campuses on longboards. While most longboards might look similar, there are small details that can affect the speed and ridability. Today, we are reviewing one of the most popular Bustin longboards alongside a few other brands to see how they compare.

What Are Bustin Longboards?

Bustin Longboards

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Bustin Boards Company has been making Bustin longboards since 2001. It was started by a 21-year-old skater who was hand-crafting Bustin longboards and skateboards in his dad’s wood shop and then testing them out with his crew. What distinguished Bustin longboards from other brands is the foundation Bustin has in individuality.

The company strives to create boards that allow riders to express themselves through the design and functionality of the board. As a result, they offer more customization options and graphics than any other boards company. Bustin is truly a company full of people who are passionate about boards and riding.

Bustin longboards are different from skateboards in their appearance and use. A longboard, as revealed by the name, is longer than a skateboard and is better for riding long distances at faster speeds. This is also due in part to the wheels on a longboard which are like the wheels on a roller skate.

Product Specs

The specific board we looked at was the Bustin Boards Maestro (E) Core Longboard. The Maestro has been one the most popular Bustin longboards throughout the years, and the (E) Core is the most updated version. The Maestro (E) Core gets its name from the (E) Core construction which is a result of years of work in the Bustin Labs. It features Canadian Maple wood combined with proprietary epoxy-based glue and reinforcement materials developed by Bustin which all work to create a stronger, lighter board.

The Maestro (E) Core keeps its new board feel four times longer than other all-wood boards which is a huge improvement, and you can actually tell that it is lighter when you pick it up. Also featured in this version of the Maestro is something called Push Camber which ensures rapid rebound while maintaining an ideal shape for effortless slides. The Push Camber makes the Maestro (E) Core fast and easy to ride because it helps you to generate twice as much horsepower each time you push. This makes the Maestro a great choice among the Bustin longboards for commuting.

How It Compares

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare.

Atom Drop Through Longboard

Sector 9 Lookout

Quest Skateboards Super Cruiser Longboard

Bustin Boards Maestro (E) Core Longboard

Price: $$$

Ease of Use: *****

Due to the Push Camber, the Maestro (E) Core is much easier to ride because it generates twice the horsepower with each push. Especially for a beginner, this will be helpful to speed up your commute time and the distance you are able to ride. Sliding is also much easier due to the design of this board, so if you are more experienced and know how to slide or are just learning, your board will turn more easily.

Durability: *****

Bustin longboards are built to last, and the Maestro (E) Core is no exception. Use of top-notch materials and carefully contemplated design make this longboard extremely durable.

Design Quality: *****

This is a high quality board that is designed with every detail in mind. It has advanced features that make for a smooth, easy ride for riders of every skill level. The materials were carefully selected for quality and functionality.

Wheels: *****

The Maestro (E) Core comes with Bustin’s best all-around longboard wheel, the 70mm Premier Formula wheels. They absorb vibration and maintain great traction, making them perfect for unexpected or sharp turns and riding on rough pavement. These wheels make the Maestro (E) Core one of the best boards for riding in the city where you never know what pavement you will encounter, you may need to make a lot of tight turns, and you frequently need to make unexpected moves to avoid collisions. When you want to slow down, the Premier Formula wheels gain excellent traction to slow down quickly.

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  • Excellent materials
  • Top-notch wheels
  • Built to last
  • Push camber


  • Expensive
  • Beginners may not be able to fully appreciate the features

Atom Drop Through Longboard

The Atom Drop Through Longboard is a lower-priced longboard that still provides quality. The board is made of maple laminate which gives the board more flex. This results in a smoother ride on rough roads or sidewalks. The Atom longboard features cutouts above the wheels to prevent wheel bite which is one of its standout features.

The wheels on this longboard are made for traction which makes this a good choice for beginners, but more advanced riders might be disappointed in the limited top speed. The grip tape on the board is very rough resulting in excellent traction which prevents the rider from slipping.

Ease of Use: ****

The smooth ride, resistance to wheel bite, high traction, and rough grip tape work together to give riders, especially beginners, an easy time riding this longboard. There is a lower chance that the rider will crash as a result too much speed, rough terrain, or lost footing.

Durability: ***

While the material gives the Atom longboard more flex, it is also a softer material resulting in less durability. If you run into something with your deck, it is likely to suffer some damage.

Design Quality: ****

For this price point, the Atom is a good longboard. The wheel cutouts preventing wheel bite are a great design feature. There isn’t a lot about this board that seems special, but Atom did a solid job with most aspects of the board.

Wheels: ****

The wheels are nice on this board. They provide great traction without completely sacrificing speed although they may be too slow for more advanced riders. They also give the board a high rebound, but some users have reported that the board turns wide. The size of the wheels results in a smooth ride. However, they are not great for sliding.

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  • Cutouts prevent wheel bite
  • Strong grip tape
  • Good traction


  • Speed may be too limited for advanced riders
  • Turns are a little bit wide

Sector 9 Lookout

The Sector 9 Lookout is specifically built to handle downhill riding, making it a bit more advanced than the Atom board. That being said, it is still a good board for beginners. Like the Atom, it has cutouts allowing for drop through mounted trucks which reduces the chance of wheel bite. The Lookout turns well and has a low center of gravity, so you will feel in control while riding it.

The wheels are a bit soft for some riders, but they are high-quality wheels. The board itself is made from bamboo which is a flexible and aesthetically pleasing wood, but it can also be more susceptible to damage. The board’s construction is not as we would expect at this price point; several users had problems with the wood cracking after only a few rides.

Ease of Use: ****

This board is easy to ride and great for beginners. It is very forgiving, turns easily, and doesn’t go too fast because it was designed to handle downhill riding, so you should be able to avoid accidents.

Durability: **

Some people have had problems with cracking in the wood within only a week or two of purchasing the board.

Design Quality: ***

This board has a great look and intentional design. Since it was created specifically for downhill riding, it does a great job at that. It also functions on flat surfaces without a problem. The drop through design is a nice addition as well. The materials used could have been thought through to provide more durability.

Wheels: ***

The wheels on this longboard are high quality compared to other Sector 9 boards, but they aren’t as good as others we reviewed. They are good but not great. Some users felt they were too soft, and the quality of the bearings wasn’t great.


  • Turns easily
  • Great for downhill riding
  • Drop through design


  • Not very durable
  • Wheels are not as high quality as competitors
  • Price seems too compared to quality of the board

Quest Skateboards Super Cruiser Longboard

The Quest Skateboards Super Cruiser Longboard is a super affordable board that still performs well enough to be worth the purchase. The appeal of this board, in addition to the low price, is the design. Riders love the look of this board; it looks high end and has several color options. The board is made from a plywood blend including maple and bamboo, so it is both strong and flexible.

The Super Cruiser has wheel wells which will help to avoid wheel bite. This is an effective method but isn’t as good as the drop through technique. The wheels are durable but hard. They will hold up over time, but they don’t handle rough terrain as well as others we have looked at.

This board works well when going downhill or on a laid back ride, but it doesn’t do well with sharp turns or fast maneuvers. If you plan to make a lot of quick turns or encounter bad roads or sidewalks, this might not be the board for you, but if you are a beginner hoping to practice near your home, this is a great beginner’s board. It probably wouldn’t be the best choice if you plan to use your longboard to commute. Once you become more comfortable with longboarding, we would suggest upgrading.

Ease of Use: ***

This board is easy to ride on good surfaces or downhill, but it might give you trouble on certain terrains. It can also be difficult to make quick or sharp turns.

Durability: ****

While the materials used in this board are more affordable, the board holds up fairly well. The wheels are hard, making them more durable than the higher quality wheels.

Design Quality: ***

As we mentioned, the design is the primary allure of this board. Aesthetically, it has an artisan design that a lot of riders desire. It is nice to be able to get such a nice-looking board for this low price. The functionality is not as good as more expensive boards, but Quest did include small touches, such as the wheel wells, that improve the design quality of the board.

Wheels: ***

The wheels on the Super Cruiser are made of a hard plastic, so they are lower quality than the other wheels we looked at; however, the cheaper wheels do provide some benefits like durability. As far as functionality, the wheels will limit you. They can’t handle riding over debris or rough terrain, and they may make a long ride feel difficult due to a lack of smoothness and ease.


  • Beautiful artisan look
  • Very affordable


  • Difficulty turning
  • Doesn’t handle rough terrain
  • Lower quality materials


The Bustin Maestro (E) Core is much pricier than the other boards we reviewed, but it is definitely worth it. The board, like most Bustin longboards, is very high quality and makes for an excellent ride. It is perfect for traveling long distances, so it is a good choice for college students or commuters in the city. The added features such as the Push Camber actually make this board do more of the work for you, so it’s not just a board for experienced riders—it’s also a good choice for beginners.

Long boards

The board is extremely durable, so although you might pay more up front, you won’t soon be spending money on a new board. We give the Maestro (E) Core 5 out of 5 stars.

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