KooWheel Electric Skateboard: Could These Be Your New Wheels?

KooWheel Electric Skateboard: Could These Be Your New Wheels?

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I come from a family of skateboard enthusiasts. Now in his 40s, my brother-in-law has been skateboarding since he was 15 years old. While other people his age are golfing or swimming, he loves to take his longboard out on a long ride around the neighborhood or go to the local skate park. He passed this love of skateboarding onto my niece, who started skateboarding when she was 10. Because they love both self-balancing and electric skateboards, a KooWheel electric skateboard could be perfect.

Electric skateboards have been around since the late 1990s when Louis Finkle invented and patented the wireless electric skateboard. At the time, these boards were revolutionary, and a lithium battery was a new concept. With these skateboards, Finkle combined wireless technology, speed, and power with stability and reliability. Since then, it has become a solid player in a 4.8 billion dollar industry.

What Is the KooWheel Electric Skateboard?

KooWheel electric skateboards are skateboards that run on electric power, as opposed to manual. The KooWheel company in China produces the boards.

The company also manufactures and sells electric scooters, electric and self-balancing skateboards, skateboard parts, bearings, and accessories such as safelights and carrying bags.

Finally, the company prides itself in having safe and reliable electric skateboards.

KooWheel company overview

Located in Shenzen, China, the KooWheel company focuses on short-distance traveling tools and boasts the highest safety standard and portability in the self-balancing scooter industry.

The company has been focusing on these modes of transportation since 2009. The products that the company specializes in are two-wheel self-balancing skateboards, four-wheel electric skateboards, and two-wheel scooters.

The company sells their products in the United States through KooWheel USA, in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

Main features of the KooWheel Electric Skateboard

The KooWheel electric skateboard has 97-millimeter polyurethane wheels, dual brushless hub motors, Swiss bearings, and an ergonomic remote control. Also, it has a long-lasting battery and can reach high speeds.

That makes it a fun and reliable electric skateboard that can last a long time.

What They Offer

The KooWheel company offers one model of electric skateboard: The Gen 2 Model.

The model splits into two types: The Gen 2 D3X and Gen 2 D3M. The Gen 2 D3X comes in four different editions: Ivory, Onyx, Maplewood, and Maple Edition.

However, the D3M only has one edition, the Kooboard.

Gen 2 Models

The Gen 2 D3X and Gen 2 D3M are part of the newest addition to electric skateboards. Except for the name, both types of skateboards are very much the same with a few small differences. Both skateboards have sturdy 97-millimeter polyurethane wheels, dual brushless hub motors, Swiss bearings, and an ergonomic remote control. These features allow you to reach high speeds without losing stability.

Furthermore, the skateboards support up to 286 pounds and reach speeds as high as 24.8 miles per hour. Also, they have a swappable battery and can last 18 to 20 hours on a single charge.

Finally, the skateboards have a one-year limited warranty on mechanical and electrical defects and a six-month warranty on the battery.

The difference between the skateboards is that the Gen 2 D3X has 2.9 out of 5 stars on Amazon, whereas the Gen 2 D3M has 3.2 out of 5 stars. Furthermore, customer reviews are different.

For the Gen 2 D3X, customers said that the battery is reliable and long-lasting, the wheels are sturdy, it’s strong, fast, and great looking. However, some customers said that it only has a range of five miles, and the board stops working when they hit high speeds.

For the Gen 2 D3M, customers said that it performs well, the wheels are easily replaceable, and it is sturdy. However, some customers said that the skateboard has no shock absorber. The Gen 2 D3X ranges in price from $500 to $800. However, the Gen 2 D3M ranges in price from $640 to $750.

Lastly, the two skateboards differ in design. The Gen 2 D3M only has one design, the Kooboard, as opposed to the Gen 2 D3X, which has four designs to choose from. You can find the skateboards on Amazon, electricskatehq.com, and KooWheelelectricskateboard.com.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The KooWheel electric skateboard has a lot of strengths that make it a great electric skateboard, such as reliability and durability. However, it also has some weaknesses that give it a disadvantage over some of its competitors.


The KooWheel electric skateboard has a strong and reliable battery and sturdy wheels that are easily replaceable. Furthermore, it’s strong overall, fast, performs well, and is good-looking.


The skateboard has some weaknesses, according to some customers. They reported that the skateboard breaks down on them when they reach high speeds, it has a shorter range than it claims to have, and it has no shock absorber.

How We Reviewed

When reviewing the KooWheel electric skateboard, we looked at qualities, abilities, customer reviews and ratings. We also looked at the availability on the market and pricing. Also, we compared the two types of KoWheel electric skateboards. We placed them side by side and looked at their similarities and differences.

Finally, we compared the skateboard with competitors who had similar and better features, as well as similar reviews.

How Much Do They Cost

The KooWheel electric skateboard costs anywhere from $500 to $800 depending on the model and the retailer. The skateboard is generally cheaper on the manufacturer’s site.

How the KooWheel Electric Skateboard Stands up to Competition

The KooWheel electric skateboard is sturdy, reliable, strong, and fast. However, some of its competitors have more features that make them stand out from the KooWheel brand. Some of those qualities include regenerative brakes, built-in batteries, and carbon fiber boards.

Finally, some of its competitors have more affordable skateboards, whereas other competitors have skateboards that are more expensive.

Hover-1 Cruze

This skateboard has a throttle and turn pad that allows for remote-less riding and has power-assist technology that gives you the option to ride it manually or with cruise control. Also, it has a rechargeable and built-in lithium battery that allows you to ride up to 9.3 miles on a single charge, and the skateboard supports up to 198 pounds. Finally, it has a limited 30-day warranty.

The Hover-1 Cruze has 4.1 out of 5 stars on bestbuy.com. Amazon does not carry this product. Customers said that they easily mastered the cruise control system, it is a high-quality skateboard, it feels safe to ride, and it is excellent for beginners. However, some customers said that it has poor battery life and it doesn’t go fast enough for them. The skateboard ranges in price from $175 to $300. You can find it at Best Buy, bestbuy.com, and kotulas.com.

Halo Board

The Halo Board ranked as the best electric skateboard of 2019. It has a 100 percent light and strong T700 carbon fiber board, a 3,000-watt motor, an LCD remote, brushless hub motors, and regenerative brakes that recharge your battery as you brake. Furthermore, the skateboard has built-in LG fire-safe batteries that ensure a safe and reliable ride, and it can reach speeds up to 22 miles per hour. Lastly, it has a six-month limited warranty.

The skateboard has a high rating, coming in at 5.0 out of 5 stars on haloboard.com. Amazon does not carry this product. Customers said that it is reliable, it gives a smooth ride, rides easy, and the brakes are strong. However, some customers said that the remote breaks down easily.

The Halo Board ranges in price from $900 to $1,500. It is only available on haloboard.com.

Magneto Revolution

The Magneto Revolution has 90-millimeter wheels, a 10-mile range, a maximum incline of 15 percent, hub motors, a remote, and a lithium-ion battery. Also, it is splash resistant and reaches speeds as high as 20 miles per hour. Furthermore, it can handle up to 275 pounds and can reach 20 miles per hour in 4.4 seconds. Similar to the Halo Board, it has regenerative brakes. Lastly, the skateboard has a six-month limited warranty.

The skateboard has a high rating of 5.0 out of 5 stars on magnetoboards.com. Amazon does not carry this product. Customers said that it is a reliable, fun, and smooth ride that can handle various types of terrain with ease. It’s also excellent for commuting.

The only negative review we found was that customers said that the board can be very touchy at first and takes some getting used to. It ranges in price from $525 to $700. The Magneto Revolution is only available at magnetoboards.com.

Should You Buy the KooWheel Electric Skateboard?

If you are looking for a skateboard that is strong, reliable, fast, and enjoyable to ride, then the KooWheel electric skateboard is the right purchase for you. Its features are ideal for people looking for stability, performance, and a smooth ride. However, if you’re looking for a skateboard that has a few more features such as a carbon fiber board, regenerative brakes, or built-in batteries, then the competitors are a better option.

When he started electric skateboards, Louis Finkle probably didn’t imagine that electric skateboards would be such a massive player in the skateboarding industry. However, with loyal fans such as my brother-in-law and niece, electric skateboards will continue to be a big player in an ever-growing industry.

And as long as the KooWheel electric skateboard continues to produce strong and reliable skateboards, they’ll have people wheeling around for a long time to come.

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