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Baker Skateboards are fun and artistic products designed for all of your skateboarding needs. From street skating to riding the rails or half-pipe, Baker Skateboards offer a uniquely designed board made with quality parts.

They pride themselves on getting highly skilled artists to design their decks and sell their boards at higher than the average cost.


KPC Pro Skateboard with white wheels

Baker Skateboards was founded by professional skateboarder Andrew Reynolds and has been around since 2000. These skateboards are durable, affordable and easy to maneuver and grip. There are a variety of colorful decks and boards for all types of skateboarders. The customizable collections offered online are sure to appeal to younger and older riders alike.

This brand is known for allowing riders to do tricks similar to those that Reynolds does so well. They don't snap easily, have great pop, and can weather any storm, so to speak.


Baker Skateboard logo

There are several skateboard collections and pro designs to select from Baker Skateboards online. With such a wide variety of models, it really comes down to preference because you can customize any of the skateboards to suit your individual needs and desires. Here are the most recent collections available to Baker shoppers.




Color Change


Brand Name

Christian Rosa


Designs and Accessories


KPC Pro Skateboard

Baker Skateboards can be purchased for around $$ for the deck alone. Some collections are less expensive, and most boards come with one sheet of black grip tape. If you order your skateboard online at Baker Skateboards, shipping in the United States is free.

Amazon sells a complete Baker Skateboard for approximately $$. The expense is on the higher end for skateboards of similar use. Most of the collections are not sold at Amazon. If you wish to customize your skateboard, we suggest buying directly from Baker.


We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare.

  • KPC Pro Skateboard
  • Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard
  • Element Section Black Skateboard

We reviewed the Baker Skateboard Complete Brand Logo White 8.25. The board is sold with Black Diamond Grip tape, measuring 8.25 in. in width and 31.875 in. in length. The wheelbase is 14.25 in., and wheels are 52mm TGM brand.

  • Price
  • Ease of Use
  • Assembly Time
  • Design QUALITY

This model is sold for around $$ at Amazon, and shipping is free. The price for this high-quality board is high, and it doesn't come with grip tape.


  • Designs are unique and have a look that is both classic and modern
  • Suitable for all skill levels
  • Durable construction


  • Some assembly is required
  • Somewhat high cost compared to other brands


KPC Pro Skateboard Complete, Black and White Checker
  • HIGH QUALITY: KPC complete skateboards are strong, durable, and reliable boards. KPC Skateboards are very similar to the...
  • SMOOTH RIDE: This complete skateboard comes with heavy-duty aluminum alloy trucks. The geometry of these trucks allows...
  • GRIPTAPE: Our griptape has an 80-grit level, which will provide you with great traction for your board. The enhanced...

The KPC Pro Skateboard Complete also has a classic feel to it. The black and white checkerboard deck is one of many cool graphic designs available at Amazon. The KPC Pro models are designed for skaters looking for a beginner board or even looking to upgrade. All KPC Pro boards measure 8 in. X 32 in. for a wider feel and have a concave design, allowing for more comfort. The 52mm Krown wheels arrive with aluminum alloy trucks.

  • Price
  • Ease of Use
  • Assembly Time
  • Design QUALITY

The KPC Pro Complete is sold for between $ and $ and comes with black grip tape.


  • The price is hard to beat
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Good beginner and entry-level skateboard
  • Plenty of designs and colors to choose from


  • Hardware is lacking in quality
  • Very slow and somewhat hard to steer
  • Truck alignment may be off center


Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard
  • Affordable complete skatebooard for both beginners and advanced riders
  • High-rebound, hand-cast polyurethane wheels provide great roll and grip
  • Grippy top board; measures 7.625 inches wide; Length: 31.625 inches

The Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard is designed for beginner and advanced skaters, measuring 7.625 in. in width and 31.625 in. in length. The colorful red and yellow deck was made in China and is a good option for price-conscious skateboarders. George Powell has been creating skateboards since the 1970's. This model rides well, though we found the wheels too hard for street riding.

  • Price
  • Ease of Use
  • Assembly Time
  • Design QUALITY

The Powell Golden Dragon sells at Amazon for between $$ and $$, depending on the age of the model.


  • Quality board at a decent price
  • No assembly required
  • Attractive, colorful and kid-friendly design


  • May not be suitable for doing tricks
  • The tires may be too hard for street riding
  • The price is high given the same type of products available on the market


Element Section #9 Skateboard Deck
  • Size 7.75" X 31.25"
  • Nose 6.875"
  • Tail - 6.25"

The Element Section #9 Skateboard Deck in Black is from the reputable brand's Make It Count collection. The high quality, low-cost skateboard measures 7.75 in. X 31.25 in. and features environmentally conscious Thriftwood deck construction. This board comes with TGM 52mm logo wheels. The bushings and pivot cups are made in the U.S., and this product also features Amphetamine bearings similar to the Baker model.

  • Price
  • Ease of Use
  • Assembly Time
  • Design QUALITY

The Element Section board sells for about $ without grip tape at Amazon. This is an overall satisfying price for a mostly quality product.


  • Long, established and respectable brand
  • Designed with cutting-edge technology and environmentally friendly construction


  • Simple designs: not a lot of variety or colorful images
  • Some users complain of the trucks being unstable


Baker Skateboards is a staple brand in many skate shops across the country. The high-quality construction of Baker skateboard decks makes this an appealing option for skateboarders of all ages and levels. These boards are speedy, and with their customizable shapes and designs, they serve as terrific products for users who like many options. Some skaters may prefer a slim width, and these options are all available if you order online. We gave Baker Skateboards an overall 4-star rating, deducting points for the high cost and fact that they require assembly.

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Ease of Use
Assembly Time
Design Quality
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