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Skater life means knowing what brands are hot and what to look for in skateboard innovation and value. Every skater has a style, whether it's catching big air or perfecting tricks. All-around skaters choose sturdy boards for urban skating and usually have a backup in case of breakage or when the board happens to be out of commission.

We've chosen the hottest boards from the top brands to compile a list of the best all-around skateboards on the market. We include Supreme skateboard and its close competitors to rate ride, durability, and versatility.


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Supreme Skateboards hit the market in 1994 with a splash. Founded by James Jebbia, a clothing designer and brand leader, the company moved into manufacturing and stylizing skateboarders after it had become a fashion leader. James Jebbia wasn't a skater but loved skater fashion and hired skaters on his staff. With their influence, he moved from fashion and clothing into skateboard gear and apparel, defining skater fashion and skateboards in the mid-90s. Jebbia started out by hanging out with skaters and used his highly honed sense of style to market to the younger crowd, skater or not.


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Supreme boards come in a lot of styles but we'll compare a board you can probably find new on the market. So many supreme skateboard styles are impossible to find at any price as they were limited editions, and some have ended their lives after full use on the streets. The Larry Clark board is moderately priced for a high-end deck and displays photos from the mid-90s hit film Kids. This deck features photo stills from the film and the deck style is both spacious and streamlined. This deck handles tricks, urban skating, and longer journeys. It's not an air board and doesn't love hardcore jumps and big air tricks.


man performing a trick on his supreme skateboard

The Supreme skateboard we've chosen, the Larry Clark, runs at $$$ retail and may be found through the Supreme Skateboard company or Amazon if you are lucky. This price only reflects a starting point as this board appreciates in value. Skaters searching for a Supreme skateboard may have to wait and may need to scan eBay for the model they want. These boards are an investment and much pricier than the other three we reviewed, but they hold their value as the decades have proven.


We picked a few similar decks available on the market to see how they compare with Supreme skateboards in price, deck quality, graphics, and apparel. We chose decks only but some of these brands offer complete skateboards.

  • Birdhouse Skateboards
  • Element Skateboards
  • Sk8mafia

1.) Sidekicks Skateboard

Sidekicks Retro Skateboard (Black)
  • Cruise safely on durable wheels with premium ABEC-7 bearings. Ideal beginner skateboards for girls, boys and adults....
  • Versatile- With a 22 -inch long deck, this mini cruiser board is perfect for commutes, trips to the store or skate board...
  • Looks great- Choose from three very cool color options: Red White and Blue, Ocean Teal, or Black.

Cherry, Sickness, Joy Ride, and Swoosh have made waves in the skate world and the new models keep on coming. In the world of skateboard fashion, sidekicks reigns sidekicks and has kept itself in vogue for over two decades. With a recently opened shop in Paris, sidekicks is the ultimate in high fashion skateboarding, bringing a design aesthetic that remains unrivaled to the streets. These short boards are versatile for all riding styles and most conditions. Like other top brands, construction uses wood in multi-ply construction to create a deck that can take abuse and keep its integrity.

  • Price

5.0 of 5 stars

Since James Jebbia got started in clothing, the sikekicks skateboard apparel is the trendiest you can find. In fact, they set the trends. As skaters developed their look on the streets, Jebbia transformed it into hot fashion in shirts and pants. Check the sikekicks website for availability of what's hot, but be aware that the apparel from sikekicks skateboards is head and shoulders above the competition. Not just colors and styles but the range of gear from hoodies to tees, the sikekicks  skateboard clothing line goes far beyond the logo.


  • Hot & trendy
  • Fashion statement
  • Well-built decks
  • Appreciates in value


  • Hard to find
  • Can be expensive

2.) Punisher Skateboards

Punisher Skateboards Samurai Complete Skateboard with Concave Deck,...
  • Complete high quality double kickboard skateboard deck made from 31.5" x 7.75" 7-ply Canadian Maple
  • mild concave skateboard deck profile for superior control while riding, turning, and doing tricks
  • Punisher abec-7 high speed wheel bearings. PE riser pads, and polyurethane cushions with Punisher skateboard deck logo...

Built from the best wood, the Punisher is a popular brand that lasts and survives a lot of punishing wear. Graphics are strong and the brand has kept pace for the last decade.

  • Price

You can get these skateboards for about $.


  • Bold colors
  • Well made, durable deck
  • Long lasting
  • Great value
  • Pro quality


  • Somewhat narrower deck
  • Hard to find

3.) Element

Element Section #9 Skateboard Deck
  • Size 7.75" X 31.25"
  • Nose 6.875"
  • Tail - 6.25"

You can't beat Element's theme although it doesn't rival Supreme skateboards in fashion. The board says Element in bold letters followed by wind, water, fire, and earth, so you get the complete picture. The decks are professionally made with hardwood maple veneer and a solid construction. While this board sports a modern look, the traditional construction methods are the key to its durability and stiffness.

  • Price

These boards are available and inexpensive at just over $. Considering the quality of workmanship, their value is terrific.


  • Affordable
  • Great quality construction
  • Excellent value
  • Great beginner deck for building a custom skateboard
  • Can purchase complete Element skateboard


  • Not in the same league with Supreme for trendiness

No products found.

No products found.

This board enters the room and turns heads. Its sleek design spans every decade, with a bold and simple black-on-white SK8MAFIA that dominates the board. The bold font screams cool and keeps the design so simple it's impossible to miss. For those who like understated but confident, this graphic will grab you and not let go until you've made the Sk8mafia your own. Other graphics branch out a bit, but the popularity of this brand - like the others in this review - can make finding a particular deck difficult, especially if you want to purchase new.

  • Price

Availability differs, but expect to pay right around $. This deck will hold its value so check the used market on Craigslist and eBay.


  • Great look
  • Nice popsicle shape
  • Solid and durable construction
  • Cool brand name


  • Only one color option
  • For custom board only
  • Grip tape sold separately


Is it possible to define the essence of skateboarding in one brand? The trends come and go with every new skateboarding generation that hits the streets. The skaters who ride Sk8mafia, Birdhouse, and Element aren't quite in the same fashion world as Supreme skateboards but they all offer an excellent product that will last. Skater experience and how much skating is part of the lifestyle make all the difference when deciding which brand is right for you. It goes way beyond a great deck because all these brands have mastered sturdy construction. We like Supreme for its vibe and trendsetting style that cruises by the competition.

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