Quest Longboards Review: Are These Longboards the Best?

Quest 44-Inch Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard Skateboard

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If you’re a longboarding enthusiast, the name of Quest longboards would definitely have come up in your research. Having the perfect longboard is essential so you can remain safe while longboarding. However, the best choice might not be one certain longboard or even one particular brand. After all, longboarding could come in many shapes and forms.

Do you mean to use that board for commuting short distances, like on a college campus? Do you want to perform tricks at the skateboarding park or just on the sidewalk? Are you a beginner or a passionate expert? All these factors and more will decide which longboard is the most suitable choice for you.

While Quest longboards are among the finest offerings on the longboard market, there might be situations where other boards are the best ones for you.

Why Does Buying the Right Brand of Longboards Matter?

Longboarding can be a fun hobby, a daring sport, or just a way to travel short distances. No matter what you need to use it for, though, the right brand of longboard definitely does matter. A longboard is a smoother ride than a skateboard, with softer wheels to boot. It’s perfect for beginners and also for riders who want to experiment with their board.

Whichever way you look at it, you’re going to be putting your whole weight on this board and probably taking quite a few risks on it. A high-quality brand will assure you that there’s going to be no warping, stalling, or breaking at the least expected moment. This will also ensure that you stay safe when cruising down the street, the hills, or on any kind of terrain.

A good brand like Quest longboards and similar options will also let you know what you’re getting beforehand. For instance, you might want a flexible board for your tricks and performances as well as shock absorption. You may also want to go for a stiffer board to enhance stability if you’re a beginner.

Overall, longboarders have found that they generally get some injuries, scratches, and bruises when they don’t take out the time to research their purchases. The most professional ones have hence learned at least the basics of longboards and how to choose them properly.

Quest Longboards: What Makes This Brand Worth Buying?

Quest longboards are quite aptly named, as they do fulfill what most riders are looking for. They have boards for all skill levels, so beginners and experienced riders can stick with the same brand throughout their journey. The fact that their usage is eco-friendly is also a great reason to consider this investment.

Other than these general considerations, there are several reasons why so many skaters prefer the option of Quest longboards. They’re available within a decent price range, which we’ll discuss in more detail below. You’ll also get an elegant, attractive design as well as high-quality materials you can count on. The structure is meant to last and give even complete novices an assuring level of stability.

Quest longboards can make your riding experience a lot more thrilling as well. That’s because the designing and structure conform to various riding styles. These include freeriding, going downhill, or just cruising along. Couple this with the attractive designs plus color options and these boards are absolutely worth a try.

The deck of Quest longboards is yet another story. Most of them have a multi-ply deck made of hardwood. For instance, the Quest 2012 Classic Longboard Skateboard has a 7-ply deck, making for a strong and durable result. Other options have different levels of ply and material in order to stay flexible, sturdy, and maintain speed even when the terrain is rough.

Why Quest longboards might be the best bet in longboarding

There are several upsides to getting Quest longboards for your everyday shenanigans. These include the reasonable price range, the high ratings on Amazon, and some great reviews online. On average, most of the Amazon reviews for Quest longboards are at 4.0 out of 5.0 stars or above. The reviews might not be in the thousands for each item, but they’re positive and plentiful enough to spark interest.

Some excellent features of the Quest longboards include the wheels, which are a serious consideration for buying such an item in the first place. There are wheel wells to prevent that annoying and potentially dangerous wheel bite. This is especially important if you’re performing tricks or have a skating route with lots of twists and turns. As for the wheels themselves, they’re at a safe hardness level and enable a smooth ride on uneven surfaces. The unique aspect here is the open wheel-inch, allowing for safe downhill styling. You’ll get a good grip with the Quest longboard wheels.

We’ve already covered other positive features of Quest longboards above. There are some specifications according to each separate product, but the general consideration does make them a worthwhile investment.

When you should prefer other longboards over Quest longboards

While Quest longboards have a lot to offer, they’re not always the best choice. There are some features which not everyone might like.

Take the trucks, for example. In Quest longboards, the trucks are usually 6 or 7 inches and quite lightweight. The stock precision ABEC 5 bearings are enough to give you a decent performance. You’ll get a somewhat smooth ride with the hollow 4mm riser as well. However, some might find the trucks and bushings to be of inferior quality and not suitable for their needs. Even if you do get a Quest longboard, then, you might have to upgrade some parts in order to make it a better ride.

If you’re an experienced longboarder, the trucks and bearings on Quest longboards wouldn’t satisfy you. You’ll need higher quality parts than these, so be prepared to upgrade or just invest in a more expensive longboard. You might also want to look at electric options if you have to travel longer distances.

Overall Pricing of Quest longboards

The pricing of Quest longboards is quite reasonable. The price ranging between $75 and $85 is the highest. According to the color and model you choose, the price might be from $35 to $50 as well. This makes Quest longboards a highly affordable option, especially as you’re getting an extra-long board with comparable features to the more expensive kind!

Different Varieties in Quest Longboards

Let’s now look at some varieties of Quest longboards available in the market. While the options might not be staggering, they’re decently varied according to prices and features. You’ll find something for beginners as well as for those who possess advanced longboarding skills:

Quest Rorshack Bamboo Longboard

The Quest Rorshack Bamboo has a 34-inch deck with a multi-ply maple hardwood deck. The top is bamboo, creating an attractive artisan effect. What’s more, there’s even a kicktail you can use to maneuver around obstacles and perform your tricks!

Overall, this board is a great blend of a regular longboard and a skateboard for the streets. It’s easy to ride, thanks to the kicktail and concaved deck. A beginner will find this perfect for a first longboard, even if it’s a bit on the shorter side. Even the trucks are rugged enough for a solid start to your longboarding journey.

On the downside, though, the wheels are a bit too soft, creating some issues in durability. Still, the performance is good enough for the Amazon rating to be 4.1 out of 5.0 stars. At a price range between $55 and $65, it’s a cheaper alternative to most high-end, expensive longboards.

Quest Tribes Pin Kick Tail Longboard

The Quest Tribes Pin Kick Tail Longboard has a 40-inch, 7-ply maple hardwood deck that can tough it out in cold climates. You also get some durable 70×51 80A PU wheels that won’t let you down anytime soon. The 7-inch aluminum tracks are also rugged, yet lightweight enough to prevent any lagging. It also has those wheel wells to prevent unwanted wheel bite and provide smooth turning.

Feedback about this board has praised the kingpin truck configuration, which is good for maneuvering and even reversing. The price is a bargain since many similar longboards are quite expensive. However, there were some complaints about a noise from the wheels.

You’ll see an Amazon rating of 4.2 out of 5.0 stars for this board. The price ranges from $35 to $70.

The Quest Super Cruiser Longboard

The Quest Super Cruiser longboard has a length of 44 inches, with an artisan bamboo exterior. Inside, the deck is of multi-ply hardwood maple. The aluminum tracks are rugged and measure seven inches, while the PU wheels are around 70mm and of 80A hardness. There’s also a kicktail included for ease of use.

The 10-inch long deck gives ample space for beginners. The overall construction makes for an ideal cruising experience. Whether you’re looking for thrill or relaxation, this longboard is certain to provide it in a stable, reliable manner. However, the bearings and trucks might need upgrading in order to achieve a full turn.

The Amazon rating here is 4.3 out of 5.0 stars, with a price range between $52 and $85. Interestingly, the prices differ according to the color you choose.

How Quest Longboards Compare to Other Brands

If you’re buying a longboard for the first time, you might assume that all brands are the same because of their similarities. Though all of them share something common, their specific features are what make them different from each other. You’ll agree with us after knowing the difference between Quest longboards and its competing brands below:

Playshion 39 Inch Drop Through Freestyle Longboard Cruiser

The Playshion Drop Through board has kicktails on both ends, a grip tape, and an asymmetrical shape. It hence differs from most Quest longboards in design, even if the prices are more or less the same.

The deck here is a bit shorter than Quest longboards of the same price range, but it’s close enough to substitute for the same functions. The eight-ply maple is again similar to the Quest options, but there doesn’t seem to be a bamboo exterior. In fact, this is a stiffer deck than that of most Quest longboards, which usually provides higher flexibility.

The Amazon rating here is a bit higher than the average Quest longboard at 4.7 out of 5.0 stars. The price range is similar, though, being from $56 to $65.

Atom Pin-Tail Longboard

The 39-inch Atom Pin-Tail longboard offers a similar feature to the Quest Tribes Pin Kick Tail. The classic shape allows for a great cruising experience. However, the aluminum tracks here are a bit larger than the standard ones on the Quest longboards.

This board is also perfect for beginners, much like most Quest longboards are. The grip tape top, sturdy deck, and attractive colors are appreciated, but reviews have many complaints about the cheap trucks and wheels. While the Quest longboards have a system that’s good enough for beginners, the same isn’t true here. Once users upgraded the wheels, bearings, and trucks, the experience was much better.

The Amazon rating here is 4.3 out of 5.0 stars. The price exceeds most Quest longboards, ranging from $80 to $90 depending on the design you choose.

Yocaher Punked Stained Pintail Longboard

The Yocaher Punked Stained board comes with heavy-duty trucks, chrome bearings, and a nine-ply maple deck. The flex is medium, but the deck isn’t concave. The latter feature could be an issue with beginner longboarders. On the other hand, Quest longboards usually have a concave deck for better grip and stability.

Unfortunately, there have been complaints in reviews about the trucks for this board. Some say that they’re sticky, noisy, and need a lot of adjustment. This longboard has an Amazon rating of 3.9 out of 5.0 stars. The price range is comparable with Quest longboards, as it’s between $60 and $75.

MBS All-Terrain Longboard

The MBS All-Terrain longboard has precision turning with all-terrain longboard wheels. These are made of super-high-rebound urethane at a 78A hardness level. The all-terrain feature here is what makes it stand out, beating the Quest longboards in this area. The MBS board is actually a hybrid of a longboard and a mountain board.

Navigator Drone trucks provide a lively yet safe experience when one is using this board. While the deck is of maple like the quest longboards, it enables one to keep their center of gravity low and stable. Reviews about this board are full of praise about the incredibly smooth ride. Other than the high price, the only complaints seem to be that it doesn’t run too well on grass.

The Amazon rating here is 4.2 out of 5.0 stars, with a relatively steep price ranging from $142 to $200.

Magneto Bamboo Longboard

The Magneto Bamboo longboards have a concaved deck much like the Quest longboards, plus decent flexibility. The kicktails are at either end, which is different from Quest and provides more stability than the latter. It also has quality Paris-style trucks, which provide better performance than most Quest options.

The lack of grip tape and bamboo finish is another similarity with Quest longboards, while the attractive logo provides the unique aspect of being readable from either side! While the price is quite a bit higher than most Quest longboards, the riding is smooth and easy. Again, though, the trucks and bearings aren’t of high enough quality to last very long. They might hence need upgrading and/or replacing soon.

The boards have an Amazon rating of 4.6 out of 5.0 stars with a price range between $100 and $155. This is higher than the Quest longboards but the features are more or less the same.

So, Is the Quest Longboard Worth Buying?

Even though the trucks and bearings might present some issues, we feel a Quest longboard is still the best bet for a beginner skater. It’s not expensive enough for you to have major regrets if the board breaks due to a fall or accident. However, it is safe and sturdy enough to prevent these situations as long as you don’t take too many risks. You can save up to upgrade your Quest longboard when you get to a new skill level!

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