Nike Skate Shoes: Find the Perfect Pair for You

Nike Skate Shoes

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As a skater, the last thing you want is to lose control of a jump. The right type of shoe can make a huge difference. Nike skate shoes come in a variety of designs for skaters at all levels. No matter what your level of experience, proper balance, comfort, and design go a long way toward giving you control and comfort. You have so many options to consider when choosing a pair of skate shoes. Nike has found a way to pinpoint the perfect balance of comfort and control for skaters at all levels.

From your first attempt at a kick or toe-flip to your tenth competition, the right shoes are key to landing it. Your shoe needs to fit perfectly. The wider front and heel grip of a skate shoe lend themselves to the sport in a way regular tennies don’t. A skate shoe also affords the unique combination of mobility and support that skaters need. Nike makes skate shoes for skaters at all levels. But first, you have to understand the features and know which ones you need.

The Nike Brand

Nike White Sneakers

Nike is a leader in athletic footwear and clothing. The company began production in 1964 and has since become a world leader. With a skate shoe line dating back to the early 1970s, professionals and amateurs alike rely on Nike for athletic gear. Today, the company manufactures dozens of shoes for skaters of all skill levels.


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Nike Skate Shoe Components

Nike Skate Shoes

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Skate shoes have an upper and lower (outsole) portion. Upper materials are often canvas or leather. The outsole is typically made from durable rubber. These materials provide comfort and high levels of mobility.


Vulcanized rubber outsoles offer a flexible range of motion, and the “gummy” feel that keeps skaters close to the board. Increased stability and control give skaters more power. This is especially important for beginners.


Nike skate shoes typically have canvas, leather, or suede uppers. These materials ensure a quality finish. Additionally, tough materials help to prevent blowouts, especially on rough terrains.

Skate Shoe Elements

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The “board feel” is how skaters feel the board when wearing skate shoes. It allows skaters to feel as close to the ground as possible on their deck. A good board feel also increases speed and traction while reducing the chance of injury. It can also help skaters feel more confident. The Nike herringbone outsole pattern also provides increased. Perforation along the sides provide breathability.

Nike skate shoes have a reinforced sock line. This lining with canvas, leather, and suede uppers support the feet and ankles. By limiting the foot’s movement, liners help skaters avoid improper landing. This is even more so the case when performing tricks, or jumping off the board while skating. This helps to reduce the chance of injury. Nike skate shoes also hold the heel steady. At the same time, there’s sufficient room in the toe-box for comfort.

Nike Skate Shoe Style

Nike Skate Shoe Style

There are three primary styles of Nike skate shoes: low-rise, mid-rise, and high-top shoes.


Low-top skate shoes are lightweight and flexible. Skaters have higher levels of mobility, which allow them to do difficult tricks. It does, however, lack the ankle support that a taller skate shoe offers.


A mid-top shoe provides a little more support. It doesn’t compromise flexibility, however, so skaters can still perform various tricks. Mid-top sneakers reach to the ankle. For those who want a little more stability, mid-top varieties are a great option.


The high-top skate shoe reinforces the ankle. It provides skaters with the highest level of support on the board. It’s also fashionable. These shoes limit mobility and range, but sometimes that’s what you want.

Nike Skate Shoe Lines

Nike Sneakers

Nike skate shoes come in several different design series, including the Dunk, Janoski, and Blazer series.

Dunk series

These Nike skate shoes follow the classic 1985 basketball court style. The shoe is for skaters but mimics the pattern and design of classic court shoes.

Janoski series

Stefan Janoski, a professional skater, is the inspiration behind this series. The shoes are classic, clean, and also look good on and off the skateboard. There are traditional and contemporary styles, and the shoes also feature a versatile silhouette design, adding depth.

Blazer series

The Blazer series is the oldest, dating back to 1972. It was initially a performance basketball sneaker. In recent years the addition of vulcanized rubber and an increase in board feel makes these a great skate shoe.

How We Reviewed

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We considered many factors in our assessment including price, design, comfort, versatility, and control. Additionally, we incorporate customer reviews, so you can get an idea of what actual customers thought of their purchases.

The Best Nike Skate Shoes Available

Whether you’re new to the sport or have been skating for years, the right pair of skate shoe matters. These are a few of our favorites.

[amazon link=”B07NQ16T85″ title=”1.) Nike Air Max Janoski” /]

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This ultralight skate shoe features a perforated canvas mesh upper and a rubber outsole. The low-top design provides skaters a high range of mobility on the board. This shoe has a low lace profile design, making them easy to put on and take off.

The herringbone outsole pattern design provides a “gummy” feel and high levels of traction. Skaters won’t slip or slide on wet surfaces or when performing complicated tricks on the board. Some customers found these shoes run both narrow and small.

[amazon link=”B01DHS8WL0″ title=”2.) Nike SB Zoom” /]

[amazon box=”B01DHS8WL0″]

The suede upper ensures high levels of breathability. But you’re less likely to have a blowout with suede than with canvas or other thinner materials. A flex-wrap outsole keeps the shoe light and provides a high level of stability.

A low-top and low-profile lacing system helps increase comfort and wearability. Skaters will also appreciate how light the shoes are. And they don’t constrict movement around the ankles, giving skaters a full range of motion to perform tricks.

Some buyers, however, noted color bleeding or fading.

[amazon link=”B078JLVDP7″ title=”3.) Nike Check Solar” /]

[amazon box=”B078JLVDP7″]

This is a breathable shoe, with an upper of combined textile and suede, and mesh panels. Wearers won’t feel hot or restricted when wearing these skate shoes.

The vulcanized rubber outsole offers high levels of traction and control. A low lacing system and mid-top design provide stability around the ankles. It also minimizes injuries and chances of rolling over or injuring the ankle.

Sizing concerns are among the leading issues reviewers cited. Some reviewers reported the shoes run narrow.

[amazon link=”B06WW59Z1K” title=”4.) Nike Air Max Zero” /]

[amazon box=”B06WW59Z1K”]

This Nike skate shoe features mesh paneling on the uppers, which increases breathability. The canvas uppers are lightweight so that they won’t weigh wearers down. The low-profile design affords skaters a wide range of motion and mobility. The rubber outsole is also sticky, which increases your chance of a safe landing.

[amazon link=”B07NVVGR48″ title=”5.) Nike SB Nyjah” /]

[amazon box=”B07NVVGR48″]

A canvas upper, rubber outsole, and Zoom technology help keep the skater’s feet close to the ground. The outsole dramatically increases the board feel and grip. Skaters have high levels of command, no matter what their level of experience is on the skateboard.

A stretch fiber exterior tightens upon impact. It helps minimize shock upon landing. This, in turn, helps to prevent injuries and tension on the ankles and joints.

[amazon link=”B07NVXNQGW” title=”6.) Nike Premium Camo” /]

[amazon box=”B07NVXNQGW”]

The canvas exterior and low-cut design, significantly enhance a skater’s mobility wearing the Nike skate shoes. A toe overlay design also increases movement in the toe box, ensuring high levels of comfort.

There are also perforations on the forefront of the skate shoe, which increases breathability. The design of the upper also helps to improve flexibility and board feel.

Critical reviews centered around sizing and labeling.

[amazon link=”B0711TYZRF” title=”7.) Nike Faux Suede Lace-Up” /]

[amazon box=”B0711TYZRF”]

The shoe features a hyper-vulcanized rubber outsole. This design enhances grip on the board and improves board feel. Skaters have full control of their feet and mobility on the board. A drop-in midsole also provides reasonable levels of padding to ensure comfort for long periods of wear.

An elastic gusset keeps the shoes close to the feet, limiting movement while the skater is wearing the shoe. It also helps minimize the chance of injuring an ankle while skating.

[amazon link=”B00B77OWU4″ title=”8.) Nike Air Force” /]

[amazon box=”B00B77OWU4″]

A vulcanized rubber outsole provides high levels of control and traction for skaters. The durable suede upper finish also ensures high levels of breathability and mobility. You won’t feel restricted when wearing these Nike skate shoes.

A low-profile design and in-unit heel help prevent too much movement inside the shoe. The wraparound heel design also ensures skaters are safe and reduces the chance of impact injuries.

Some concerns reviewers cited included grip and control.

[amazon link=”B0059C70SE” title=”9.) Nike Zoom Stefan Janoski” /]

[amazon box=”B0059C70SE”]

A rubber sole, canvas upper, and small 2-inch shaft provide a range of mobility to skaters. In addition to the low-cut design, the interior lining helps increase comfort.

The shoes are highly durable and feature a vulcanized rubber outsole finish, which increases grip and control. It also helps improve board feel, so skaters feel more comfortable on the board at all times.

As with other Nike skate shoes, concerns with sizing are an issue with these shoes as well. For some skaters, it is worth buying one size larger than their traditional shoe size.

[amazon link=”B07CYKRWYB” title=”10.) Nike Dunk Low TRD QS” /]

[amazon box=”B07CYKRWYB”]

Quality construction, a suede upper, and grippy rubber outsole increase your command on the skateboard. Perforations on the shoe help to increase breathability.

The outsole has a multi-directional flex groove pattern, which helps to increase traction and stability. The shoes are lightweight and feature a Lunarlon midsole. This midsole also enhances comfort and interior padding, for increased comfort.

Some reviewers say the shoes run both narrow small. Although they look great, some users said they could only wear the shoes for short periods at a time.

Our Verdict

Nike skate shoes come in various styles, fits, and designs. Regardless of your experience level, the right shoes can make a difference in your skating. For skaters who want improvements in traction and control, the SB Zoom Blazer is a great option. The upper features a breathable finish and vulcanized rubber outsole provide the highest levels of grip control. The low-cut design also helps skaters experience a full range of motion on their skateboard.

Skaters on a budget will love the Zoom Stefan Janoski skate shoe. It also features a canvas exterior and perforations throughout to increase breathability. The shoe also features a round toe box and heel cupping design. This prevents movement in the heel/ankle, to minimize the possibility of injuries.

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