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Kryptonics Skateboard

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If you’re into boarding on a budget, you’ve probably long since heard of the legendary Kryptonics skateboard company. These guys have impacted the skateboard industry more than most boarding outfits will ever dream of. Not only have they revolutionized the possibility of affordable yet quality boards in the past, but they also changed the skateboard wheel industry forever.

Kryptonics skateboards are exactly what they claim to be: a premium board, from a legendary manufacturer, at a price that anyone can afford. For beginners, intermediates, and anyone looking to board on a budget, Kryptonics skateboards and accessories are a great investment. But, to know if they are the right board for you, you need more information.


Kryptonics Skateboard

The Kryptonics Skateboard brand is one of the oldest in the industry. Creating high-quality boards from way back in the 1960’s, Kryptonics has earned their reputation the tried and true way. However, after over half a century of providing top-of-the-line wheels and pre-assembled boards to the general public, the brand has recently come under attack by the skating community. With the increase of cheaper Kryptonics Skateboard products available at mainstream retail stores, skaters seem to believe the quality of the gear is somewhat lacking compared to earlier merchandise.

The truth of the matter is, with the versatile market of today, Kryptonics may currently be only a shadow of its former self, but regardless, their products are just as good as ever. You won’t find their signature C-Series wheels on all of their stock boards at retailers such as Walmart, but you can still order those parts if you want them on your board. Just because they aren’t giving away all of their best parts and accessories with their $50 Walmart boards doesn’t mean they aren’t producing the same great quality as before.

History of the Kryptonics Skateboard Company

Trasher Kryptonics Skateboard

So, as stated above, the Kryptonics Skateboard company has been around for just as long if not longer than most companies in the industry today. Founded back in the 1960’s, the company changed up the skateboard wheel industry just a decade later when they released the Star Trac product line. These premium skateboard wheels improved the functionality of skateboards forever. The wheels were also the first color-coded line of skateboard wheels to be offered by any manufacturer. The Kryptonics Skateboard company single-handedly dominated the entire skateboard wheel industry for years, in fact, they are still one of the most high-quality wheels available.

Due to having such a dominant product, more skateboarders using Kryptonics skateboard wheel were able to perform better on all terrain and, of course, won more competitions than skaters using any other brand name wheels. Tony Alva, Steven Alba, David Hackett, Stacy Peralta, and Tommy Ryan are but a few of the boarders who are (or have been) sponsored by Kryptonics. Two decades ago, in 1997, Bravo Sports merged with Kryptonics and Kryptane Systems L.L.C. was born. The company now manufacturers a more versatile range of urethane products.

What to Look for in a Kryptonics Skateboard

Before deciding to purchase any one skateboard, consider several crucial factors. Avoid lamenting the purchase of an inferior product, or getting stuck with no guarantees or warranty options. Inspect each potential purchase for all of the following:

Quality of components

The quality of the materials that make up the components of a skateboard is of the utmost importance. Among the most important parts to thoroughly look over before purchasing are the deck, trucks, wheels, bearings, bushings, and base plate, as well as all nuts, bolts, and washers. Second rate parts may result in a board which is incapable of standing the test of time.

Level of maintenance required

The level of maintenance which a board requires is another vital consideration to think about prior to buying. How hard will it be to replace parts, and even more importantly, how expensive are replacement parts? Will it be easy to clean, and if so, will normal cleaning products damage it in any way? Remember that you will have to replace the bearings and bushing every six months or so. That will go further than anything when it comes to maintaining the highest possible performance for your board. You must also change Axles and kingpins annually.

Return policy, guarantee, and warranty

Check with the retailers you are considering buying a board from to see what their return policy is as well as what warranties and guarantees come with any potential purchases. The last thing you want is to purchase the wrong board and get stuck footing the bill due to a no-return policy you weren’t aware of.

Does the board come pre-assembled?

Another critical aspect to consider is if the board will come fully assembled, or if you will need to assemble it yourself before using it. For those who want the satisfaction of riding a completely custom board, purchasing a board that you can put together with your own two hands may be the best route to go. For everyone else, a pre-assembled board is the fastest route to hitting the concrete with a professionally built board.

What kind of wheels should I buy?

The wheels of a skateboard are a huge indicator as to how well it will do on various terrain. They also have a lot to do with how fast the board will go, as well as how easy it is to control. Cruisers tend to ride boards in the 70mm to 76mm range. Skatepark fanatics lean towards boards with 60mm to 65mm wheels. Mini-boards normally come with wheels in the 55mm to 60mm range while street boards typically start off with 50mm to 55mm.

What kind of trucks does the board come with?

Trucks are one of the most important components of a skateboard beside the deck, bearings, and wheels. The size and style of trucks on your board help to determine the maneuverability and turning capabilities of your board. If you are just getting started in the world of skating, you’ll want to try a couple of styles of trucks before investing in higher-end options.

What type of deck does the skateboard have?

Perhaps the most notable feature of most boards (and by far the most interesting to spectators) is the deck itself. The sort of deck you select will make a huge difference in the performance you get from your board. For cruising, most favor anything from a 30-plus inch to 60-inch deck. Whole commuters tend to go with something under 40 inches. The width of the deck is also important. The most common width of skateboards is between seven inches and slightly over eight inches.

What kind of bearings does the board have?

The sort of bearings that your board comes with, or that you replace your old bearings with for that matter, are pretty crucial to your board’s overall performance. If you’re just starting out with boarding, or are investing in a new board, the stock bearings should do just fine until you get the hang of your new board. Upgrading to higher-quality bearings will increase the ease of use and the maximum speed of your board.

How Much Does a Kryptonics Skateboard Cost?

The price range of a Kryptonics Skateboard is $ to $$. Granted, the actual price may vary, but they are widely available through major retailers such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. You can, of course, purchase them from Kryptonics themselves as well. Brand new Kryptonics skateboard wheels have a price range of $ to $$ and are available via Kryptonics and Amazon.


To deliver the best review and buyer’s guide possible, we cruised the internet for all of the available ratings, reviews, customer complaints, product descriptions, and informational videos on Kryptoincs skateboards. We looked at longboarding forums, review sites, and scoured the world wide web for customer commentary. The following list is a culmination of what we discovered.

Here it is, the list you’ve been waiting for: The Best Kryptics Skateboards. Below, you’ll find product descriptions, ratings, price ranges, warranty options, as well as summaries of the most significant features and benefits. Enjoy!

Comparison Table

[amazon box=”B0180J71ZY,B079YDC1MR,B019GM8VQW,B019GM913O,B014KWCW3G,B014KWD7I0,B019GM8VVC,B019GM92GU” template=”table”]

The Best Kryptonics Skateboards

[amazon link=”B0180J71ZY” title=”Torpedo Cruiser” /]

[amazon box=”B0180J71ZY”]

A new take on a Kryptonics skateboard classic, the Torpedo Cruiser is first on our list. It comes with a highly flexible and impact resistant custom polypropylene deck that is 22.5 inches long and 6 inches wide. The board comes with 3.25-inch Retro Cruiser trucks and 90a bushings. It has 2mm by 51mm, 83a smooth urethane wheels and ABEC 5 speed bearings for a superior ride.

This board is available on Amazon. It has a 3.6 out of 5 stars rating based on Amazon customer reviews. It has a price range of $$$ to $$$.

[amazon link=”B079YDC1MR” title=”Super Fat Cruiser” /]

[amazon box=”B079YDC1MR”]

The Original Torpedo is a remake of one of the best selling Kryptonics skateboards ever. It comes with a flexible, high impact, grip patterned, 22.5-inch deck. The width of the deck is six inches. The board has integrated grip tape for higher stability and greater traction. It has carbon steel ABEC-5 bearings for the smoothest possible ride. The trucks are 3.25-inch aluminum Retro Cruisers, the bushing are polyurethane-injected so that they can hold more weight and allow better speeds.

You can pick up the original Torpedo on Amazon. It has a rating of 3.2 out of 5 stars due to Amazon customer reviews. The price range for this board is $ to $$.

[amazon link=”B019GM913O” title=”Blocktail Longboard” /]

[amazon box=”B019GM8VQW”]

This 30.5-inch high-durability 8-ply maple wood board is known as the Super Fat Cruiser. It has a super wide body, 9.75 inches in width to be exact. It is a single kicktail design allowing for maximum control and easy braking. The wheels are 65mm by 51mm, the bearings are carbon steel, and the bushing is 88a urethane. Aluminum trucks, 12mm angled riser pads, and a 220-pound max weight are additional features of the Super Fat Cruiser.

The Super Fat Cruiser is available for purchase on Amazon. It has a 4.5 out of 5 stars rating from Amazon customer reviews. The price range of this skateboard is $ to $$.

[amazon link=”B014KWCW3G” title=”44 inch Blocktail Longboard” /]

[amazon box=”B019GM913O”]

Perhaps the longest board to grace our list is the Blocktail Longboard in Sunset theme. It features a low to the ground concave shape for the most superior control possible. The deck consists of highly durable eight-ply maple wood, it has six inch angled aluminum trucks and soft bushings. It comes with 69mm by 55mm wheels and carbon steel bearings. The max weight of this board is 220 pounds.

This board is available through Amazon. It has a 5 out of 5 stars rating based on Amazon customer reviews. Its price range is $$ to $$$.

[amazon link=”B014KWCW3G” title=”30 inch Cutaway Cruiser” /]

[amazon box=”B014KWCW3G”]

The Cutaway Cruiser board is another exceptional board for an affordable price. This 30-inch board features a cutting-edge cutaway design for smoother braking and full directional control. The wheels are 62mm by 51mm, the trucks are 4 inches and aluminum, and it has carbon steel ABEC-3 bearings. The 12mm angled riser pads and a 220-pound maximum weight limit are additional features of the board.

The Cutaway is available online at Amazon. It has a 3.5 out of 5 stars rating due to Amazon customer reviews. The board’s price range is $ to $$.

[amazon link=”B014KWD7I0″ title=”32 inch Drop-Down” /]

[amazon box=”B014KWD7I0″]

The Drop-Down Longboard is slightly smaller than the Blocktail Longboard but it is similar. It has a 32-inch 8-ply maple wood deck and an angled 6-inch truck system made from high-end composite materials. The board comes with 65mm by 51mm poured polyurethane wheels as well as ABEC-3 carbon steel bearings for a stable well-designed ride. The maximum boarder weight is 220 pounds.

You can pick up the Drop-Down Longboard from Kryptonics via Amazon. It has a rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars by Amazon customer review. The price range of the board is $ to $$.

[amazon link=”B019GM8VVC” title=”Drop-In Series 31 Inch ” /]

[amazon box=”B019GM8VVC”]

The Drop-In series is one of the more unique Kryptonics skateboard designs featured on our list. This 31-inch board comes with a double kicktail construction that is perfect for those who love performing tricks on their boards. It has a nine-ply maple wood deck with rounded edges. The polyurethane-injected wheels are 52mm by 33mm and it has bearings of carbon steel. This board has heavy duty five-inch aluminum trucks. Maximum riding weight is 220 pounds.

The Drop-In Series Skateboard is available online at Amazon. It has a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars based on Amazon customer reviews. The board’s price range is $ to $.

[amazon link=”B019GM92GU” title=”Drop-Through Longboard” /]

[amazon box=”B019GM92GU”]

The last board, but far from the least, to make our list is the Drop-Through Longboard. This board comes with a 37-inch long, 8-ply maple wood deck and features a drop-through construction. It is a single kicktail design and hugs the ground for superior controllability. This smooth ride rolls on 69mm by 55mm wheels and ABEC-5 bearings. It uses heavy duty seven-inch aluminum trucks, soft bushings, and aluminum plate supports.

This board is available on Amazon. It has a 3 out of 5 stars rating from Amazon customer reviews. The price range of the board is $$ to $$$.

Now that we talked about Kryptonics Skateboards, and we’ve gone over the top boards on the market, before moving on to the best board of them all, let’s do a quick recap of the advantages and disadvantages of investing in and riding on a Kryptonics skateboard.


  • Extreme availability of the boards as well as wheels and replacement parts
  • Flexible decks, smooth riding, easy turning boards, and high-end vintage boards and wheels


  • Stock boards could handle various terrain such as concrete and pavement a bit more smoothly
  • Trucks and wheels that come on stock boards could be higher-quality as well


The most obvious advantages to investing in and riding a Kryptonics skateboard are the excellent prices and extreme availability of the boards as well as wheels and replacement parts. Flexible decks, smooth riding, easy turning boards, and high-end vintage boards and wheels are additional advantages of these boards.


The biggest drawback of using Kryptonics skateboards is that they just aren’t what they used to be. The stock boards could handle various terrain such as concrete and pavement a bit more smoothly, and the trucks and wheels that come on stock boards could be higher-quality as well.

Our Verdict on Kryptonics Skateboards

4 kryptonics skateboard

Kryptonics continues to be one of the biggest names in skateboards and boarding equipment. Most of their gear is exceptional quality, especially the vintage boards and wheels. Today, Kryptonics have paved the way in affordable skateboards through their affiliations with such significant retailers as Walmart and Amazon.

As for longboards, we can not recommend purchasing a Kryptonics longboard from Walmart, as some of them are manufactured at discounted prices in China and are not as high-quality as other product lines produced by the brand.

Do you own a new or vintage Kryptonics skateboard? How is it standing the test of time? Do you agree or disagree with our overall verdict on Kryptonics skateboards? Let us know in the comments.

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