Choosing the Best Evolve Electric Skateboard: Buyer’s Guide

evolve electric skateboard

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An electric skateboard is an excellent means of transportation. You know how tiring it is to ride to work on a bike or skateboard. And you’ve been late one too many times on your way to work when you rely on public transportation. The best Evolve electric skateboard will help riders get where they’re going, on time, and in fashion.

Efficiency and a powerful, robust motor are just a few of the many great features these skateboards have to offer. From a five-mile commute to work to getting to school on time, an electric skateboard is an efficient way to travel. Plus, it’s Eco-friendly, so you’re doing something great for the environment as well. Forget about the bus or Uber overcharging you for a short trip to work. An Evolve electric skateboard is a worthwhile investment that you’ll use for years to come.

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About Evolve Electric Skateboards

Jeff Anning’s interest in electric skateboards began about six years ago when he was looking for the best board to buy. In his search for the best skateboards, he found that what was available just didn’t live up to his standards. This is where the concept of the Evolve electric skateboard company began. In July 2012 the first electric skateboards hit the market. The Gold Coast company has since been a pioneer in manufacturing, industry standards, power, and performance.

Electric Skateboard Buyer’s Guide

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There are several great electric skateboards available for consumers to purchase. In addition to the Evolve electronic skateboard brand, several industry competitors also make these products. When choosing a new electric skateboard, riders should consider several factors.

Electric Skateboard Buyer’s Guide

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There are several great electric skateboards available for consumers to purchase. In addition to the Evolve electronic skateboard brand, several industry competitors also make these products. When choosing a new electric skateboard, riders should consider several factors.

Size and weight

Before choosing an Evolve electric skateboard or a competitor model, weight and length of the product are important factors. Light boards typically don’t have the features and quality frame that larger boards provide. Of course, skaters don’t want a board which is bulky and too large, as it becomes cumbersome. Looking for proper balance and weight distribution will ensure the best performance when riding an electric skateboard.

The age restrictions of skaters is another aspect which consumers should consider — especially parents who are buying an electric skateboard for their kids. It is essential to choose one that is safe, efficient, and powerful, for their riding enjoyment.

Weight capacity, distance, and speed capabilities

The electric skateboard’s capabilities are also important to think about when you are deciding which one to buy. Most of the Evolve electric skateboard models have a weight capacity of approximately 200 to 250 pounds. Depending on the model, most can travel up to 20 to 25 miles distance before the battery needs charging. Many of the skateboards Evolve manufacturers can achieve speeds of almost 30 MPH.


Depending on the electric skateboard skaters purchase, warranty periods also vary for each product. Evolve offers six-month warranties on material defects and artistry. Every manufacturer has its warranty terms. Before choosing an electric skateboard, consumers should consider this to find the right product.

In addition to the warranty, Evolve customers also receive a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. If they aren’t happy, they can return the board for any reason as long as it’s within the initial seven-day trial period. Technical support and assistance are available for customers who need guidance with their board, or for troubleshooting purposes. There are also 3-month, 6-month, 9-month, and 12-month financing options. Because the boards are expensive, consumers can pay off the purchase price over several months. This financing option minimizes the financial burden of owning an Evolve electric skateboard.

Motor and wheels

Apart from having a durable board, the durability of the wheels is also highly significant. They stabilize the board and improve guidance on difficult riding surfaces. A powerful motor is also essential when selecting an Evolve electric skateboard. The company utilizes brushless motors, most of which achieve a 700-watt maximum output range.

Incline range

When riding the skateboard uphill, the last thing skaters want is to lose power or start slowly skidding downhill. With a powerful motor, this shouldn’t be a concern. When choosing the Evolve electric skateboard model, it is important to consider uphill capabilities and incline range. Depending on where skaters plan on riding the board, some products are superior to others.

Waterproof or water resistant finish

If riding the electric scooter in rainy or wet conditions, consumers must choose a product that is waterproof/resistant. This protection is the only way to ensure the board, materials, and motor are safe. When making such a pricey investment, it is essential to consider this aspect if you will riding in wet weather often. Nearly every manufacturer today uses either a waterproof or water resistant coating on their boards. In the event it isn’t waterproof, owners can apply a waterproof layer to the exterior.

​Average Price and Where to Buy

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The price of an Evolve electric skateboard fluctuates a little depending on the model and where consumers buy them. They are available through the Evolve website, as well as through sites like Amazon. Before choosing a model, consumers should compare online prices and deals, to find the best product available.

​How We Reviewed

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When comparing Evolve electric skateboard models, we considered their power, performance, motor, and capabilities. There is a big price difference between some of the models. Because of this, we also believe the price is important to customers who need to choose a board they can afford. Consumer reviews, written by owners of these products, are also relevant in our review process.

Best Evolve Electric Skateboard Models

With several great Evolve electric skateboard models available, skaters should compare several before choosing one. These are a few of the boards with the highest ratings online.

[amazon link=”B07BYPC5RD” title=”Bamboo GTX 2-in-1″ /]

[amazon box=”B07BYPC5RD”]

The GTX series guarantees more power and efficiency with a highly popular bamboo deck. The board is excellent for carving, and the 3000-watt, on-demand, brushless motor doesn’t falter. The 97mm wheels increase speed going downhill. A new, more full track and powerful lithium-ion battery perform well in all conditions.

The board is capable of achieving speeds from 22 to 25 MPH, and it weighs approximately 19.4 pounds. It is perfect for smooth and hard terrains, with up to 25 percent gradient range for skating uphill. The scooter gets a range of approximately 31 miles and requires four hours to charge. The max user weight capacity is 220 pounds.

A few reviewers complain about issues with the remote control. Some indicate it doesn’t function and they’ve had to replace it with a new remote.

[amazon link=”B0791V9VTV” title=”Evolve Bamboo GT Series” /]

[amazon box=”B0791V9VTV”]

This Evolve electric skateboard is robust, rugged, and can go up to 21 miles on a full charge. The maximum riding speed is 26 MPH, and it features a 2-ply bamboo wood deck. The base is 12 inches wide, affording skaters a solid frame for riding and carving.

It features a 25 percent gradient hill incline. This incline level allows skaters to smoothly go uphill and downhill, without draining the battery power. There are four different speed settings to choose from on this model.

Two drawbacks of this board are the speed settings and riding range. Although it’s higher than most standard electric boards, it’s lower in comparison to other Evolve products.

[amazon link=”B0791V6CB1″ title=”Evolve Bamboo One” /]

[amazon box=”B0791V6CB1″]

This single-motor series skateboard has a bamboo deck and kicktail in the rear. The medium flex of the board gives skaters a smooth ride both uphill and downhill. Moderate tension also helps ensure the durability of the deck at higher speeds.

The skateboard has a 2000-watt brushless motor and up to 20 percent gradient hill incline. It can ride for up to 20 miles on a single charge. The skateboard weighs 16.3 pounds and the average weight capacity for riders is 220 pounds. A quick charge time of four to five hours allows skaters to get back on the board quickly. The quick-charge feature provides a three-hour charge time.

Although it is a bit cheaper than other models, it doesn’t perform as well. The gradient incline range is lower than other models. Additionally, the max speeds are slower at 22 MPH, in comparison to 26 MPH with other series. Although it is powerful, the lower price also means lower performance than other Evolve electric skateboard models.

[amazon link=”B0791XHM8T” title=”Evolve Carbon GT-Series ” /]

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Customers receive a seven-day free trial, unlimited support, and a quality carbon fiber deck with this skateboard. The carbon fiber deck finish is more durable than wood so that it can withstand more dents and dings. With 3000 watts of power, the motor won’t give out on skaters when they are cruising or speeding uphill.

The 83mm hybrid wheels ensure smooth transitions around tight corners and edges. A “Slow” mode is perfect for beginners learning how to ride. The “Eco” mode lets you save energy and travel further. For those with more experience, the “Fast” mode allows skaters to achieve higher speeds and dominant performance.

The all-terrain model weighs 21 pounds, which is a bit heavier than other models. The carbon fiber deck is pricier than wood/bamboo finishes. It is best for smooth terrains, rather than patchy, grassy, or rough surfaces. The high price limits which consumers can afford this model.

​Three Models Available

The Carbon GT series, Bamboo GTX, and Bamboo GT series, each have three models. There is an all-terrain, street, and 2-in-1 model for each series. Each of these skateboards is best on certain terrain. Customers should think about where skaters plan on using their Evolve electric skateboard so they can choose the best model for their needs.

For general street riding/skating, the all-terrain and street model are great options. For off-road skating, the 2-in-1 or all-terrain models provide a little more power. The 2-in-1 model is higher in price than all-terrain and street. Skaters who are considering this option should understand that having more riding capabilities means the board will cost more.

​What Consumers Receive with the Evolve Electric Skateboard

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With every Evolve electric skateboard customers receive the T-tool to attach, loosen/tighten the wheels. A remote controller and carrying case for the controller also come with the skateboard. The power adapter, battery, and charging station are included with each Evolve electric skateboard as well.

​Our Verdict

Depending on where skaters plan on using their Evolve electric skateboard, the one they’ll choose varies greatly. For those who want durability, the GT Carbon Series is the highest-quality skateboard available. The carbon fiber deck is sturdier than bamboo. It can withstand more impact, and it is not going to sustain damage as easily as the wood grain.

Additionally, the boards are capable of achieving top speeds near 26 MPH, allowing skaters to get up and down hills quickly. With a 25 percent gradient incline, these skateboards are powerful, and deliver maximum efficiency, regardless of riding conditions. The skateboard does, however, come at a premium price.

For those who are on a budget, the Bamboo One series is the most affordable of all Evolve electric skateboard models. It doesn’t average speeds as high as other models. With an average of 21 MPH, it is about 5 MPH slower than the other series. The skateboard only features one, 2000-watt brushless motor. This capacity is lower in comparison to the 3000-watt brushless motor which other Evolve skateboards feature. Its incline gradient rating is 20 percent, which is lower than the 25 percent of other boards as well.

Your budget, the way you use it, and the terrain you ride your board on will determine which Evolve electric skateboard is the best for you to buy. All of the products sold by the manufacturer are expensive. However, consumers can expect high performance and excellent quality with these skateboards.

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