Different Types Of Longboards: Our Top 13 Picks

Woman riding a stella longboard

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Longboarding is that adventurous sport that everyone wants to be part of these days. Choosing the right longboard depends on many factors, like footsize. Whether you’ve been longboarding or want to start, we’ll go over a longboard that is right for you.

From the basics of the types of longboards and how to choose the perfect, we will cover it all. Read on to find the types of longboards that will be right for you!

What Is a Longboard?

woman wearing white tees and black shorts riding a long board in the road

A longboard is similar to a skateboard in that both are boards you ride for fun and sport, but longboards are a variation of the skateboard. A longboardis designed specifically for cruising and turning at high speeds. Longboards and skateboards differ in the style of the board, types of wheels, types of terrain they are made for, and balancing techniques.

13 Different Types of Longboards

man wearing bonnet riding a longboard

There are many types of longboards, and they differ from styles of riding to materials or shapes used. Luckily, we have rounded up 13 types of longboards and explained all about them so you’ll know what you want to buy.

1.) Downhill Longboards

downhill longboard with red wheels

These types of longboards are obviously perfect for riding down hills. They are made of good materials so they can hold up on even the harshest terrain. Downhill longboarding is completely unique. Longboarders often face issues with speed wobbling, and a downhill longboard that is made of good materials will eliminate any speed wobbling issues. Downhill longboards have a defined front and a defined rear to help move smoothly down hills in a straight direction.

2.) Drop-Through Longboards

drop through lonboard with cyan wheels

Drop-through longboards are perfect for anyone looking for a relaxing longboarding experience. They are perfect for cruising because they have built-in stability functions which often make it safer. But that doesn’t mean a longboarder should forgo a high-quality helmet or knee-pads.

3.) Carving Longboards

carving longboard with cyan wheel

Carving is one of the main skills longboarders look to master, and these types of longboards are built to make it easier. They have a unique shape that helps them turn and carve from one angle to another in a systematic way.

4.) Cruising Longboards

Cruising longboard with yellow wheels

Cruising longboards are all about having a nice ride. They are perfect for longboarding in more crowded areas, like a mall. The wide trucks and decks of a cruising longboard give the board exceptional stability and the rider perfect balance. This type of board is also perfect for kids to learn on.

5.) Bamboo Longboards

bamboo longboard with yellow wheels

Bamboo longboards are coveted for their lightweight feel and flexibility. They are very popular with the next generation of longboarders. They are easy to carry with you on a trip, and the eco-friendly material makes a bamboo longboard earth-friendly as well.

6.) Pintail Longboards

pintail lonmgboard with red and black wheels

A pintail longboard has a wide base with a sharp pointed nose and tail. The sharp point makes the pintail longboard good for directional riding. The sharp taper on the tails also improves the radius for a smoother ride on sharp turns. Most pintail longboards have carved out wheels to reduce the risk of wheel bite.

7.) Fish Tail Longboards

fish tail lonboard with transparent wheels

Fish tail longboards are similar to pintail longboards because of the wide base in the center and the sharp nose. The main difference is the split tail in the fish tail longboard. These types of longboards are great for long rides and sharp turns and for that classic surf style ride.

8.) Blunt Longboards

blunt longboard with maple-colored wheels

A blunt longboard is often the best option for a beginner because they have a wider nose and tail which gives a rider the most stability. But they don’t have as much clearance as other boards and can’t make sharp turns.

9.) Mini Cruiser Short Longboards

mini cruiser short long board

These aren’t technically longboards because they are under 33 inches in length but they are a good choice for an expert level longboarder because they have more speed and turning ability than most longboards. They aren’t good for beginner longboarders, though, because this board lacks stability.

10.) Twin Longboards

twin longboard with black wheels

Twin longboards are great for a longboarder looking to learn some freestyling skills. The board has great stability. You should also make sure you get a twin board with larger soft wheels because these are best for doing tricks.

11.) Cut Out Longboards

cut out longboard with green wheels

A cut out longboard is the style of longboard with the most wheel clearance. They are also bi-directional, so riders can change directions often and easily. They’ll often come with a drop through truck that lowers the board and gives the rider stability at high speeds. A cut out board is a good choice for someone who wants to go downhill, freestyle, and freeriding. This is because the large wheels on a cut out longboard can make deep turns without skidding.

12.) Drop Down Longboards

drop down longboard with black wheels

A drop down longboard has a lower deck and nose. This gives the rider more overall stability. It is a good choice for long rides because a drop down longboard will also make pushing easier. You’ll often see dropdown longboards paired with a cut out shaped deck to provide a rider wheel clearance.

13.) Speed Board Longboards

speed board long board with white wheels

This board is designed for speed. A speed board will let you go faster but will also give you more stability at a higher speed.

How to Choose the Right Board

Man wearing gray sleeveless and sunglasses performing a trick with his longboard

Longboards have lots of different variations and beginner longboarders will probably want a different type of board than more experienced longboarders. Factors like height and foot size will also determine what type of board will be best for you.

Choosing Longboard Material

When looking at what longboard you want, the material is of prime importance. Maple is a very commonly used material that is durable and will last a long time. Bamboo is one of the newest and most popular longboard materials because it is lightweight and flexible.

Carbon fiber is the most expensive of the standard longboard materials. The core is made of a foam material, which lightens the overall weight of the board. A carbon fiber board will help you push off faster and move through turns effortlessly.

Choosing the Shape

While there are many differentlongboard shapes, the two most common ones are downhill shapes and cruising shapes. The downhill shape is flat with long wheelbases. The shape is more rectangular and doesn’t give you a lot of flex. On the other hand, the cruiser longboard is much more maneuverable and has curved edges at both ends. The deck is larger, which gives the rider greater weight distribution.

Choosing Width

Most longboards will fluctuate in their shape and also have slight variations in material. The main difference between longboards will come in their features. Width is the main feature to think about because a board that is too narrow will give a rider bad balance. A deck that is too wide for the rider’s height and width will need more power to go. Teens and adults will want a board at least 7.5 inches wide, if not more.

Choosing Wheelbase

Riders will also want to consider the wheelbase, which is the distance between your front and back wheels. Wheelbases can vary from 13 to 15 inches and will need to be adjusted with experience. While most longboards only have one hole, more expensive models will have multiple holes so you can adjust as needed.

Choosing Rails

The rails are the edges of a board and their shape makes a big difference in how you ride. Round rails are the most common form of rail on a longboard, but a boarder can also get sharp rails and gas petal rails. Sharp rails have blunt edges which help keep your shoes in place. A gas petal rail is when the edges of a rail have been cut into a beveled edge. A gas petal rail will detract from a rail’s sharpness and make the board less concave, but they give you more control and comfort when you are doing slides.


group of skaters at a curve road

Longboarding can be super fun! A beginner longboarder will probably be looking for a cruising style and shaped longboard, while a more experienced longboarder might want a downhill longboard. Whatever board you get, we are sure it will be a fun experience. Remember that any longboarding experience should be fun and safe. Safety gear should always be worn to prevent accidents.

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