The 8 Best Longboards: Cruise, Commute or Carve in Style

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Whether you are using one of the best longboards, or one you found cheap on the internet, it is undeniable that this sport has arrived. In the past skateboarding was the only board-sport with any real community. And even though skaters still look down upon longboarding as “fake-boarding,” it did not stop their board cousins from gaining momentum and traction. No pun intended.

If you want a longboard, it is essential to know what you are getting into first. Research is key when you are choosing your longboard.

What is Longboarding?

As we already mentioned, longboarding has been having a bit of a moment lately — and for a good reason. In a lot of ways longboarding is a relatively approachable sport. Unlike skateboarding, the size of the boards makes controlling them far easier initially. A lot of people are not looking for the bone breaking risk of skateboarding.

You do not see a lot of longboard videos with teenagers falling on their testicles. However, longboards can and do go very fast, so are not free of potential injuries. Longboarding, even though you can go to extremes with it, has its place in a relaxed environment. You can cruise down a boardwalk next to the ocean and stylishly beating the busy morning commute. Or take in the beautiful surroundings while doing a surprisingly effective workout.

Regardless of what you are aiming to do, the image of a relaxing, unusual and cool leisure activity is very a very appealing one. There is no requirement to perform any complex tricks to be part of the fun. Just hop on and enjoy.

Price Range

Longboards have become somewhat of a high-tech product. Carefully layered pieces of wood and decks that are shaped and carved with scientific, purpose-driven precision. Not to mention all the moving parts of trucks, bearings, and wheels, all of which have to withstand the strain of boarding.

Despite all that though, longboards are remarkably affordable products especially considering that you can base a whole hobby, or your transportation, around them. You can get a decent board for as low as $60. However, the average price-range is somewhere just over $100. We also added one longboard that was over $1,000, and you will see why.

Our Top Longboard Picks

When compiling this list, we took a look at the overall quality of each board compared to its price. Between deck length, material, bearings, and trucks we could disseminate boards all day. Not to mention the different types of boards, and the fact that your riding style will also affect any evaluation.

The deck shape, drop and other factors will influence what the ride board is for you. And with this in mind we this list contains overall best boards. So regardless of what your goals are, you will not regret taking a look at any of these.

Atom Pintail Longboard

Atom Pintail Longboard

Price Range: $69.99 – $89.99

If you are looking for a beginner longboard that will still be great once you become more proficient the Atom Pintail is for you.

The classic 9.4 by 39.0 pintail design ensures that the deck and wheels never bite while providing the rider with a great base. That becomes especially pertinent when performing tight turns, or carving down a hill. The deck itself has some good flex, reducing strain on your joints and ensuring smoothness on more rough streets.

At the same time, the board is still sturdy enough for any abuse you can throw at it. Additionally, the wide wheelbase coupled with the 65mm wide wheels gives you a smooth and stable ride even at higher speeds. Lastly, the board comes with top of the line ABEC5 bearings.

These double down on all the benefits already mentioned, by adding smooth motions to any movement. It addresses all the challenges a novice rider has to overcome initially. Its a fantastic board combining several strengths to a balanced result. And best of all, it comes at an affordable price.

Quest 44-Inch Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard Skateboard

Quest 44-Inch Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard Skateboard

Price Range: $89.99 – $135.99

When shopping for some of the best longboards, why look any further than one of the most successful boards on the market? The 44-inch Quest Super Cruiser was sold millions of times worldwide, with satisfied customers all around. This popularity comes as no surprise. Hardly any other boards embody the appeal of longboarding better. Its a board for everyone.

With its massive deck, it has a 10-inch base that provides enough space and comfort to even the least experienced skaters. At the same time, the light-weight bamboo construction guarantees that despite the dimensions the board is neither heavy nor cumbersome. The base alone would make the Super Cruiser the best board for chill cruising.

But additionally, it comes with wheels, trucks and bearing that further emphasize usability and stability. Coupled with the fantastic design, one can see why this board is as popular as it is. It functions as a toy for relaxation, and as a tool for high-speed action. And being the most reviews board on the market, it naturally comes at a low price point.

Penny Skateboards Complete Longboard

Penny Skateboards Complete Longboard

Price Range: $99.99 – $139.99

Inspired by skateboards from the 70s, Penny Skateboard was founded to capture the spirit of the early days of the sport. The result was a durable, light-weight plastic board ideal for cruising. The Penny Longboard was made with the same spirit in mind, making it the only Longboard on this list made out of plastic.

At first glance, the material is admittedly odd. Why use plastic when all types of wood are available? Why use something garishly artificial when rustic naturality is readily available? Aesthetic subjectivity aside, Penny’s plastic decks have been successful. They provide flexibility and strength that is hard for similarly affordable wooden boards to match. Plus, you can ride them barefoot, freeing you from having to wear shoes during summer!

The overall construction makes the Penny Longboard a remarkably comfortable ride. Its large, soft wheels are ideal for urban environments. And with 36-inches long, it also makes it one of the best longboards for younger skaters. The best part is, you won’t be breaking your bank buying one.

Atom Drop-Through Longboard

Atom Drop-Through Longboard

Price Range: $99.99 – $149.99

The first non-pintail deck is another longboard from Atom. Sporting the symmetrical perimeter shape the Drop-Through longterm finds best use in downhill rides.The main selling point for this board is its unique deck. Made from laminated maple, it is very flexible while providing above average strength and durability. Furthermore, its shape not only removes any possibility of wheel-bite, but it also performs stunningly stable. It will be hard to fall off accidentally. And with its symmetrical shape, you can face both ways. For novice riders, this is convenient, while advanced rider can use to perform all kinds of tricks. Additionally, its high-class urethane wheels perform well on any surface.Lastly, to round out the performance elements of the Drop-Through, it comes with long-lasting ABEC 9 bearings and Reverse Kingpin trucks. The former stay functional for long distances, while the later can sustain even the roughest maneuvers. As one of the best longboards, it is recommended for intermediate and advanced riders.

Jucker Hawaii Longboard

Jucker Hawaii Longboard

Price Range: $159.99 – $179.99

The longboard’s origins can be traced back to the islands of Hawaii. In this spirit, the Jucker Hawaii is as old-school as it gets.The first you will notice is its simple, tribal-inspired design. It invokes images of surfboards and beaches. Unsurprising considering its heritage. However, the old-school trappings are not limited to the board looks. Unlike most other longboards, it does not come with the iconic black grip tape. Instead, it comes with a clear tape that does not hide away the wooden construction.The board is highly flexible but otherwise as basic as you can imagine. There are no cut-outs, no drop-down sections, or streamlined shapes. It does have a slightly elevated tail, but that’s about it. While these design decisions mean that you do not want to use this board to push skills to the limit, it does give it a different purpose.

In this spirit of being a tool to cruise next to the ocean, you can hardly find a more stylish and straightforward option. And there is something to be said about the genuine authenticity of this. So get your sunglasses and ride one of the best longboards into the sunset.

MBS All-Terrain Longboard

MBS All-Terrain Longboard

Price Range: $139.99 – $159.99

Even the best longboards can be delicate under the wrong circumstances. Especially the bearings are vulnerable to water and dirt, requiring care whenever you leave the comfortable confines of paved roads. To address these shortcomings, and to enable longboarding in the roughest of environments, MBS released their All-Terrain Longboard.The first thing you will notice is the wheels. Square, and sporting a weaved, rubbery texture they are designed to provide traction when it is wet, and stability when it gets rough. And with 100 millimeters in diameter by 65 millimeters in depth, they are much larger than your average longboard wheel.

Additionally, the deck has a drop-down design, making it easier to push and giving it a lower center of gravity. This design is especially important in uneven terrain when a taller board might make reaching the ground impossible. Naturally, the deck itself is super durable. And with rubber shielding, the bearings are protected from whichever environment you should choose to ride in.

Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed Bamboo Longboard

Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed Bamboo Longboard

Price Range: $49.99 – $59.99

Should you be looking for pure speed, even the best longboards cannot match Ten Toes Zed Bamboo Longboard.This board was designed from the ground up with speed in mind, and it’s 44-inches longer than most. And in the world of longboards, longer equals faster! Additionally, the wheels are small and hard, making them inflexible with the terrain, but ideal for acceleration and, who could have guessed, speed. The board is rather heavy and built somewhat minimalistic and broad. Both of which are sensible choices, considering they provide this racer with much-needed stability.The speed and acceleration make the board not particularly suitable as a casual cruiser. But should you be able to handle it, the Zed Bamboo is worth consideration. And costing barely 60 dollars, you will hardly be disappointed.

Boosted Dual+

Boosted Dual+

Price Range: $1,199.99 – $1,399.99

There is something we have to admit. When we previously said the Zed Bamboo is the fasted longboard available, we lied. What we should have said is that it is the fastest conventional longboard. The fastest longboard is the Boosted Dual+. What makes it unconventional is that it comes with a motor.Electric longboards take the idea of stylish commuting to the next level. Whereas regular longboards require your muscles to move, electronic boards use a remote-controlled motor. And with top-speeds of up to 22mph, you can hardly go more potent than with this Boosted board. Sporting exceptional build quality, the board gets fully charged in about an hour, while lasting for up to five years of regular use.

It can climb steep hills, and power through rough terrain. The remote control fits conveniently in one hand. Should you ever run out of power mid-ride, you can efficiently use the board as a regular longboard. Weighing 15 pounds at a length 27-inches and width of 10-inches, it is very maneuverable and great for inner-city riding. And you can easily carry the board once you reached your destination. Fair warning, it is not cheap.

The Best Longboards

With many options on the market and much depending on personal preference, choosing the best longboards, it is not an easy task. Should you already have experience riding a longboard, you already know what you are looking for. But in case you are a beginner, you need outside advice to start off right. In essence, you either want a board that is fantastic for cruising, or a board that will allow you to learn more skills over time gradually. As such, we think these two boards work best.

The Quest 44-Inch Super Cruiser has millions of satisfied customer should be a guarantee that this board is a great purchase. The Super Cruiser might not be the best tool for tricks or off-road adventures. But when looking for a smooth ride during summer sunsets at the coast, there is no board better.

The Atom Pintail Longboard is also pretty great. The one word to describe this longboard by is “balance.” As a perfect all-arounder, the Atom Pintail Longboard is the ideal entry point for anyone curious about everything longboarding has to offer. It not only is a comfortable cruiser, but its construction and quality allow novices to tip their toes into all kinds of longboard action.

Do you have a favorite longboard that we did not list? If so, let us know in the comments below!

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