9 Best Knee Pads

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When it comes to skateboarding and other extreme sports, it is essential to have the right safety equipment. The best knee pads on the market are great for adding support and compression as well as protection, and many of them provide plenty of style as well.

You should be sure to look for the best knee pads for the type of skater you are, whether that is a professional, beginner or casual participant in the sport. Here we’ve focused on knee pads exclusively, offering you a list of nine products to consider along with comparisons of their features, quality, and prices.

Knee Pads FAQ

1. What Are Knee Pads?

Knee Pads

Knee pads are safety equipment made for athletes to keep their knees protected. They come in a variety of sizes and offer different forms and degrees of impact protection.

2. What Do Knee Pads Do?

Knee pads protect the knees from serious injury, minor damage and abrasions from falls while skating. Many are also designed to add support in this key area of flexibility and power for skaters.

3. How Do Knee Pads Work?

Knee pads are made from materials that will absorb shock and impact, decreasing the chance of a serious injury in a fall, crash, or spill. Most include an inner layer of foam for added comfort.

4. Where Can I Buy Them?

A wide selection of the best knee pads for skating and other sports activities can be purchased on Amazon and at major sporting goods stores. They are also available at specialty stores for skaters.

5. Who Should Wear Knee Pads?

We reviewed the best knee pads for skaters, but knee pads are used for many extreme and recreational sports. Knee pads should be worn by skaters, bike riders, soccer players and others. They are not limited to one particular activity, and many sports call for protection and comfort in the knee area.

6. What Should I Look for in a Set of Knee Pads?

You should look for comfort, durability, and protection. The main purpose of knee pads is to protect your knees, so before checking pricing and appearance, make sure they will give the protection you want.

7. What Sizes Are Available?

Sizes vary per product. Some of the best knee pads are made in sizes for both kids and adults, while others are made for one or the other. There are also knee pads on the market that are adjustable to fit a range of sizes.

8. Are Sleeve-style Knee Pads a Good Option?

This comes down to personal preference and convenience. Sleeve-style knee pads require you to remove your shoes to take them off, which could be difficult if you experience any kind of injury or want to check your knees after a fall. However, some of these pads provide a more secure fit than pads with straps.

9. Does a Higher Price Always Mean a Better Product?

No, it doesn’t. All products have their pros and cons, and even the best knee pads at the highest price can be the wrong product for you. Although the price is important, you should look carefully at for what they will do for you as a skater. If you’re a more casual skater, you don’t need the best knee pads for a professional, and a highly skilled, risk-taking rider shouldn’t choose knee pads for a beginner skater.

How We Reviewed

skater knee pads

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We reviewed knee pads for skaters based on product popularity and user reviews. We set out to compare many varieties in order to find the best pads for various types of skater. We reviewed each product for quality, comfort, and protection. The pricing for the best knee pads varies depending on the style and the company. We sought out pads that are affordable and durable, providing multiple options for those looking to purchase the best knee pads for their specific needs.

Overall Price Range of the Best Knee Pads

The prices of the knee pads we reviewed range from about $20-$160 per pair. The prices are based on quality and the product brand. They vary in prices based on how they’re made, the levels of comfort and protection they give, and where you choose to purchase them.

What We Reviewed

  • 187 Killer Pro Knee Pads

  • TSG Knee Pads Force IV

  • JBM international Adult/Child Knee Pads

  • Pro-Tec Street Knee Pads

  • TONY HAWK Knee/Elbow Protective Pads

  • 187 Pro Derby Knee Pad

  • G-Form Pro-X Knee Pads

  • Triple Eight Kneesaver

  • Triple 8 KP 22 Knee Pads

187 Killer Pro Knee Pads

[amazon box=”B07GZ1N8JN”]


These knee pads are offered by a renowned skater company, giving you some ease when deciding if these are the best knee pads for you as a skater. They are carefully crafted and come with a three-year warranty. The 187 brand offers a great product, but these knee pads cost more than many other options.


  • Great for beginning-to-intermediate skaters
  • High-quality materials
  • Low profile despite offering great protection


  • One of the pricier brands

TSG Knee Pads Force IV

[amazon box=”B00829ID46″]


TSG offers some of the best knee pads for comfort as part of an extensive line of boarding products. They use memory foam to ensure a great fit and an open back design makes these pads easy to put on. These knee pads are designed for skill levels up to professional skaters.


  • Replaceable knee caps
  • Comes with a great warranty
  • EVA padding and memory offer comfort and good impact protection


  • Bulkier than other pads
  • One of the pricier brands

JBM International Knee Pads

[amazon box=”B00GG7AYLG”]


Key features of this product include a tight, yet comfortable fit due to Velcro straps. We appreciated the available size range and also the variety of fun colors because even your safety equipment should showcase your personality.


  • Sizes for adults and children
  • Multiple colors
  • Made with polypropylene plastic to help pads retain their shapes
  • Made with EVA padding


  • These pads run slightly small in adult sizes and large in children sizes
  • Plastic knee caps accumulate wear

Pro-Tec Street Knee Pads

[amazon box=”B00SD0WXB8″]


These Pro-Tec knee pads are made of basic, lightweight material rather than EVA foam. They are intended mostly for casual use, however, because the materials don’t offer as much protection as others. These pads are not recommended for professional-level skaters who use them intensively.


  • Low-profile appearance
  • Affordable option


  • Doesn’t decrease knee soreness due to the lightweight material
  • Sleeve design makes them challenging to get on and off at times
  • Pads don’t provide as much impact protection as other brands
  • Sizes run much smaller than expected

TONY HAWK Knee/Elbow Protective Pads

[amazon box=”B00M91Y41Y”]


Key features of this product include tear-resistant pads. These are among the best knee pads for beginner skaters. They offer great comfort and a stylish look. Unlike many celebrity-branded products, these knee pads are available at an affordable price that is justified by their quality.


  • A stamp of approval from legendary skater Tony Hawk
  • Inner layer of foam offers good comfort
  • Adjustable Velcro straps


  • Sizes run larger than expected

187 Pro Derby Knee Pad

[amazon box=”B00C0O4ATQ”]


Key features of this product include Velcro and elastic straps for easy adjustments. They also give you protection and comfort even against hard impacts. Another entry in the respected line of 187-brand products, these knee pads are offered in many different styles, such as the Pro Derby, allowing you to choose the right pair for your needs and tastes.


  • Not a sleeve fit, so putting them on is easy
  • Absorbs sweat and other moisture
  • Less bulky than other 187 knee pad styles


  • Very expensive
  • Sizes fit adults only
  • Bottom strap doesn’t hold as tightly as top strap

G-Form Pro-X Knee Pads

[amazon box=”B00XYWNIP0″]


These G-Form knee pads are ideal for downhill riding enthusiasts. They feature moisture-wicking compression fabric and mesh back panels. These knee pads are exceptionally comfortable as well.


  • Mesh back panels and moisture-wicking fabric offer solid breathability
  • RPT impact protection pads
  • Very lightweight at 2 ounces each


  • Sleeve fit style can make them hard to get on and off
  • More expensive than others
  • Run small

Triple Eight Kneesaver

[amazon box=”B002YHWY7O”]


Key features of this product include EVA foam, elastic straps for a secure fit, and a great design for comfort.


  • The EVA foam provides shock absorption and breathability
  • Limits sweat accumulation
  • Lightweight for comfort


  • One size fits all
  • Lower overall quality than most others on our list

Triple 8 KP 22 Knee Pads

[amazon box=”B0000ASZAA”]


These Triple 8 knee pads made from heavy-duty foam. They offer a secure fit with adjustable straps.


  • Made with moisture-wicking compression fabric
  • Durable and flexible
  • Impact-absorbing materials
  • Sweat absorption


  • Slightly bulky
  • Sometimes slip while wearing

The Verdict

Although many styles of knee pads offer great quality for skaters, there are those that stand out for reliability and affordability both. We determined that the Tony Hawk pads are the best knee pads for beginners and the best option for the price. The only downside was sizing challenges. Most celebrity-branded products at least a bit overpriced, but these knee pads offer great value.

The best knee pads for casual-to-intermediate use are the Triple Eight Kneesavers. If you’re not a professional skater and just need basic protection from falls, then these are well worth considering. They come at a very affordable price, so there is no need to break the bank to get a pair of Triple Eight pads.

The best knee pads on our list for professional-level skaters are the TSG Force IV pads They feature replaceable knee caps, so you won’t need to purchase a whole new pair when the caps wear out. The EVA foam gives you added comfort and they come with warranty coverage. These pads are made for long wear and heavy use.

The best knee pads for those who love variety are the 187 brand knee pads. They are the priciest knee pads on this list, but this company offers many different styles and qualities to choose from. Designed and provided by a legitimate, focused skater products company, you can be sure that these are among the best knee pads available. They are made with skaters of all types in mind. Sometimes you need to pay a high price for the right product, and these knee pads offer the comfort and safety needed to participate in a high-impact, high-speed sport.

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