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In 1973, during the advent of skateboarding culture and the rise of its prominence and acceptance as a sport of skill and coordination, Santa Cruz skateboards began releasing their own model of longboards. These newer, longer boards designed for control at high velocity instantly received great reviews by those who already had years of experience riding Santa Cruz boards. Now, forty-five years later, Santa Cruz longboards are still considered top-of-the-line products, and their legacy and reputation have only increased over time.

In this article, we will check out their wares, check out their competition, and try to weigh in on the dynamics of the longboarding community. We'll ever seen what the craze for Santa Cruz longboards is all about.

About Santa Cruz Longboards

 Santa Cruz Longboards with blue wheels

The team at Santa Cruz longboards produces a number of varieties and models that all have a certain aesthetic and functional efficiency, lending the brand's respected name. From the beginning, they maintained a standard of cutting-edge innovation in the field and was the first skating company to release a board fitted with polyurethane wheels.

Since those days, much has changed in the skating community, and the standards at Santa Cruz longboards have evolved with the sport and the progress of technology. Nowadays, Santa Cruz longboards has diversified its holdings and carries their own trucks, decks, wheels, and accessories to provide their patrons with the full package of skateboarding excellence.

Product Specs

 Santa Cruz Longboards with red wheels

All Santa Cruz longboards are guaranteed to be high-quality boards, and the level of engineering that goes into their individual pieces contributes to this reputation. Their building material is of the highest quality, and the skill with which the boards are manufactured sets this company above its competitors. For example, certain models are made entirely out of indigenous rock maple, rather than incorporating plastic-based materials into the deck construction.

Their trucks are lightweight and aluminum in construct, making them durable, versatile, and perfect for either street riding or downhill cruising at high speeds. They resist the infamous wobbles and allow for smooth, (almost) effortless turns as the rider carves the concrete below. Lastly, we've already talked about Santa Cruz re-inventing the wheel, but we haven't touched on their ABEC 3 bearings, which—although not the best available—resist wheel bite even at high speeds.


 Santa Cruz Longboards with yellow wheels

Santa Cruz longboards is a brand name that commands the respect it has earned over the years, and this respect is evidenced by the pricing of their products. Though they are slightly more expensive than your average longboard, they are also constructed with greater care and efficiency. Combine that with the fact that they are madeout of mostly North American materials in a locally situated factory, and you end up with a slightly more expensive ride.

You end up with one that will last longer, ride smoothly, and remain sensitive to your riding style well into its life. Still, though, considering the high-caliber engineering that goes into the manufacturing of a Santa Cruz longboard, the rider still gets a great deal for the investment.


How It Compares

Now we get down to the meat and potatoes—the comparison. We've chosen a few other companies that produce longboards to the same quality specifications as Santa Cruz, and we've compiled our findings below. For the survey, we take a look at the following:

  • Sector 9
  • Quest
  • Atom

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Impact Drop Down Cruzer Complete Skateboard, Assorted, 40in...
  • Completes are built with soft bushings
  • Bullet trucks and 90a OJ wheels

  • Price
  • RIDE
  • DECK

Though Santa Cruz longboards aren't the cheapest on the market, they are made well and are still affordable when you consider what you are buying. They represent a good "middle of the road" purchase in terms of their impact on your wallet.


  • Flexible, sleek, cutting-edge design and manufacturing
  • Low cost for a complete board
  • Professional quality


  • Bearings get a little grainy after a while
  • More expensive than some other boards

Sector 9

Sector 9 Carbon Flight Complete Skateboard
  • 5 ply maple sandwiched in fiberglass and carbon fiber
  • Sector 9 Taco Mold
  • Forward directional shape

Sector 9 boards, much like their Santa Cruz counterparts, are exceeding expectations in design quality and are also really pushing the envelope on what can be achieved by longboard designers.

They are not as storied as Santa Cruz and have only been in business since 1993, but since their start, they have exploded out of the gate and have become a brand name whose recognition is synonymous with quality. Their boards have become so popular as to be almost ubiquitous, and even people who don't have the slightest clue about skateboarding culture can probably name Sector 9 as a company that manufactures quality boards.

  • Price
  • RIDE
  • DECK

As always, you get what you pay for. But these boards are still slightly more pricey than Santa Cruz boards. A full setup can run you as much as $$, but they are quality products that should last with care for a long time.


  • Higher quality components come standard with your purchase
  • Sidewinder trucks for more maneuverability


  • Generic design
  • No rock maple


Quest Rorshack 34" Complete Longboard Skateboard
  • COLD CLIMATE HARDWOOD 34-Inch Maple longboard
  • RUGGED 6-inch aluminum trucks
  • DURABLE 65mm PU wheels

Quest longboards offer products for a wide range of riding styles from traditional cruisers to downhill bombers. If you are a longboarding enthusiast, you can certainly find something to suit your fancy at Quest, and at their prices, you can't beat the products they offer.

  • Price
  • RIDE
  • DECK

These prices are honestly immaculate and can't be beat anywhere. One can purchase a full Quest setup for seventy-five hard-earned dollars.


  • Amazing quality in terms of components and board design
  • Bamboo or rock maple: your choice
  • Simple style for the minimalist in everyone
  • As cheap as it gets


  • Lack of colorful, artsy decks will turn away some style seekers
  • The bushings are boring, standard bushings that a talented rider will be able to shred with but that are not very responsive

Atom Longboards

Atom Longboards Drop Through Longboard - Double Drop - 38", Woody...
  • Deck: 8-ply Maple laminate - 21mm (0.8 inch) drop - subtle w-concave - CNC drop through cut-outs - photo heat transfer...
  • Trucks: genuine Navigator Drones - 40 degree base - 7 inch aluminum hangers - heat treated crmo axles - grade 8 knurled...
  • Wheels: atom area 51 - 70mm diameter x 51mm wide - 78a - Super high Rebound. High speed. High traction

  • Price
  • RIDE
  • DECK

These boards are slightly more expensive than Quests and slightly cheaper than Santa Cruzes or Sectors. Overall, a full setup will run you about $$.


  • Stylish an unique
  • High quality purchase for your money
  • Soft wheels prevent wheel bite


  • Drop deck impedes downhill for less experienced riders
  • Bushings and bearings will need swapping for most people


In conclusion, though all of the boards on this list are great for riders of all skill levels and degrees of experience, we are happy to recommend Santa Cruz boards to the beginner and advanced riders. Their name has rung true for forty years, and in that time, they have mastered the art of skateboard manufacturing. Though other boards might be cheaper, they do not have the same durability and integrity as those coming from Santa Cruz longboards.

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