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Kryptonics Skateboard

Kryptonics Skateboard Review

If you’re into boarding on a budget, you’ve probably heard of the legendary Kryptonics skateboard company. These skateboards are a great investment.
Man in purple and wearing a helmet while riding a madrid longbord

Madrid Longboards: An Honest Review

If you have you ever felt like trying a different way to get around town, Madrid Longboards might have the perfect solution for you....

Globe Longboards Review

The ultimate in quality and affordability, learn how Globe longboards can offer a great riding experience whether for cruising, downhill, or tricks.
riviera longboards review

Riviera Longboards Review – The Little Longboard Company That Could?

On the 16th of September, 2017, Peter Conolly set the fastest skateboard speed ever achieved while in a standing position when he reached a...
longboard wheels

The Best Longboard Wheels for Cruising, Sliding, and Downhill Riding

Longboarders associate longboarding with soft wheels. Soft longboard wheels provide greater mobility on rough riding surfaces, better grip, and a faster roll. If you're...

Lectric Longboards: Ultimate Review And Guide To More Fun In Your...

When Lectric Longboards founder Levi Conlow first saw an electric longboard, he had to have one. What stopped him was the price. He knew he could do better.

Vans Skate Shoes: Board-Worthy or Just Fashion?

Vans skate shoes are some of the most popular footwear of the moment. But are these shoes actually good for skating, or just a fashion statement?
Longboard with orange wheels

Atom Longboards Review and Buyer’s Guide

If you’re looking for a great longboard to cruise around the neighborhood, tear up the skate park, or with which to commute, Atom Longboards...
man riding skateboard

Supreme Skateboard: An Honest Review

Skater life means knowing what brands are hot and what to look for in skateboard innovation and value. Every skater has a style, whether...